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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by beware_d-ware, Apr 15, 2019.

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    I'm drafting based on Walter Football's mock draft here, taking only players who are available at or after the Cowboys pick in every round.

    2. Juan Thornhill
    3. Anthony Nelson
    4a. Hunter Renfrow
    4b. Drew Sample
    5. Alexander Mattison
    7. Tony Pollard

    Pretty happy with this haul. All in all, I think this class would give us one new starter in 2019 and potentially as many as four new starters by 2020. It's pretty heavy on skill players, but honestly, our defense is loaded, and I think RBs and WRs and such have a better chance of panning out late than say DEs or LTs do.

    Thornhill was BPA by a mile. His floor is a day 1 starter (I think he could beat out Woods pretty easily) and his ceiling is a Pro Bowl ballhawk FS. I think Richard would bring out the best in him.

    Anthony Nelson is a 2020 stash, but one I think we'll be glad to have. He probably wouldn't beat anyone on our DL for playing time as a rookie, but we have 3 DTs with contracts expiring next year plus Robert Quinn at DE, so the door is wide open for future seasons. He also clears the 9'9" broad jump, 7.20 3-cone threshold which historically has been very predictive of NFL success for edge rushers.

    There was no one I really liked in the fourth, honestly. I think the draft starts getting very thin around this range, so I wouldn't be against using these picks as trade bait if we need to jump a team in the 2nd Philly-Goedert style. Renfrow seems like the most natural slot WR around - we have a couple flyers on the outside, but no one behind injury-prone rental Randall Cobb in the slot.

    Sample is a day-1 contributor as a blocker. I saw a lot of Zeke runs get blown up last year because our TEs either couldn't find the right defender to block or got demolished at the point of attack. Even if he never develops as a receiver, I think he could beat out Rico and Schultz pretty handily.

    Mattison can run inside and catch. I don't think his ceiling is any higher than a committee back, but he's a cheap backup for Zeke.

    Pollard is a special teams flyer.
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    I like that you drafted two rb's. I have started putting two in my mocks as well. I personally put Bryce Love in the 5th and Tony Pollard in the 7th but two are needed. I think Pollard is more than a special teams flyer. He is a weapon. I think he is in the Duke Thomas mold. He is a dangerous receiver. He can be a kick returner. He can run Jet sweeps. He can even run the wildcat. Plus he can take some carries as a regular RB. He is one of my automatics in mocks now.

    Every mock I do has Juan Thornhill. Dylan Mack and Tony Pollard in them and it is for a reason.
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    I could get down with this. You could probably have Renfrow or someone comparable a round or 2 later but good haul.
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    George likes his chicken spicy.
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    I probably wouldn’t go Renfrew and Pollard but I like both individually and think that’s about where they get drafted.

    If we could swap that pick to a LB or CB I’d be pretty darn happy with this draft.
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    I'll give you the highest compliment I can give a mock draft.

    This is ok.
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    I like 2,3 and 7

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