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Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by coult44, Aug 20, 2013.

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    After watching BSPN the last couple of days I'm beginning to think that Daniel Snyder was part owner of the network, or that the brass at the station are complete Foreskin fans....Every other story was/is an RG story. Even if it wasn't they throw him in their somehow. As good as he is, he's still a 2nd year player on a team that was handed the division last year. They don't have any real accomplishments in years (neither do we), but when was the last time you seen ESPN cover the Boyz for 20 hours in one day. It was a Preseason MNF game, WHO CARES??? The real regular season can't get here fast enough!!! The skins will sink back to mediocrity. Their fat running back will come back down to Earth. We will be good enough to get more GOOD press, and we can stop debating how many RB's we will carry or who the starting left guard will be....We will have enough real news to talk about, and I can stop whining about ESPN talking about an average team for a complete day...OK MY RANT IS OVER ... LOL
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    It's not about Daniel Snyder and it is not about the Kins. It is about RGIII. He is the hype boy or flavor for now.

    The past couple of years it was Tim Tebow that was worked into every conversation on ESPN to the point that even some of the hosts were weary of it and made jokes about it...same on NFLN.

    It is what it is.

    Here is a crazy Idea though...QUIT WATCHING ESPN IF IT BOTHERS YOU SO MUCH! I know it is crazy, but give it a try.
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    I have to admit it worked for me. I have cut back to just the local yokels now and that is plenty of whipping a dead mule for me.
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    Years before that it was Brett Favre 24/7 then Tiger Woods. They just run with the hot flavor of the time. Right now it's RGIII. I was kinda hoping the turmoil of him wanting to play preseason and coach telling him no would escalate.
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    Last week Tebow 24/7 today starts Geno Smith 24/7
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    What sucks is that ESPN used to be a credible source for sports information and that SportsCenter used to be an enjoyable show. It used to be great when the 'Big Show' was on Sunday nights with Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann and they would go over the highlights with their own little sense of style that was fun, but not overbearing. Then when serious news needed serious reporting, they could transition to that rather seamlessly. Now it's nothing but a bunch of obnoxious clowns and there is no credibility to the reporting.

    Sure, stop watching ESPN. I know I have. But, it still sucks because we no longer get the ESPN that we used to. And that was what made ESPN popular in the first place.


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