News: BTB on Devin Smith replacing Gallup

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Hawkeye0202

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    Could he be Dak's Miles Austin?
    Devin Smith needs to emerge for Cowboys while Michael Gallup is sidelined
    The former second-round pick scored his first touchdown since 2015 on Sunday.

    By Cole Patterson@colelpatterson Sep 17, 2019, 8:00am CDTShare this on Facebook (opens in new window)
    [​IMG]Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
    The Dallas Cowboys controlled most of Sunday’s game versus Washington en route to a comfortable 31-21 road victory. That win pushed Dallas to 2-0 on the season with both wins coming against division rivals.

    Dak Prescott looked sharp during the game, and the Cowboys are feeling confident heading into the week three matchup with the struggling — to put it nicely — Miami Dolphins. Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, but you have to feel pretty good if you are the Cowboys
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  2. CATCH17

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    I'm feeling confident with him in the lineup.

    We'll still have the big play threat with him on the field.
  3. Pokes12

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    If you watch the route he ran on the touchdown it featured a subtle fake to the left before he turned it on going to the post. Very old school and GREAT! You do not see enough fakes on routes the way you did in years past. That subtle juke to the left gave him a clear advantage as he raced back to the middle of the field giving Dak a lot of room to throw the ball deep. Devin was going to track it down wherever it was put. Love that play. Hope he can repeat this type of misdirection and outstanding route running.
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  4. Hawkeye0202

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    Yea......he certainly B-slap Norman (LOL). Notice the cushion he was giving after he got burnt, damn near 10 yards.
  5. PUSHfold

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    10 yards? More like 20...never in my life seen Norman give someone SO MUCH CUSHION.
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  6. Tangle_Foot

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    As bad as I feel about losing Gallup with the chemistry he and Dak had developed, Dak and Devin aren't without connection themselves. I feel good about Devin and what he can do for us. Good luck Devin. God speed Gallup.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    I have full confidence in both D. Smith and C. Wilson.

    Cowboys strong at WR depth.
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  8. quickccc

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    yeh the rapport connection with Dak, as well as Gally really developing and coming into his own so well and so rapidly as an impact playmaker was a true weapon for us
    and such a fear factor headache for opposing defenses.
    Gallup is attacking secondaries both underneath and over the top in just about every week passing game he's playing in.
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  9. texbumthelife

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    Noah Brown's time has finally come!
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  10. charron

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    It will be a collaborative effort replacing gallop not just 1 guy.
  11. fifaguy

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    Wait, is Gallup out? I guess I missed that :/
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  12. xwalker

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    The Safety was supposed to cover the underneath side of Devin Smith with Norman over the top.

    The route combinations caused the Safety to bite on the shorter route in front of him.

    It was fun to see Norman involved in giving up the big play but it was really the Safety's responsibility.
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  13. DoctorChicken

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    Cooper, Cobb and Smith can hold the fort down until Gallup gets back.
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  14. xwalker

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    He can't return until week 9..
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  15. CT Dal Fan

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    I see Devin Smith really seizing this opportunity. With Gallup out defenses are going to be doubling Amari Cooper. And Smith has the speed to burn one-on-one coverage.

    And the best news of all is Gallup will be back relatively soon.
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  16. 408Cowboy

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    Could he be Dak's Miles Austin?

  17. ultron

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    I'm telling you the loss of Gallup is a big deal. I hope he comes back ready to play like he did the first 2 weeks
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  18. cowboy_ron

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    I miss Gallup already....I like Smith and Wilson but Gallup is on another level.......I see Cobb stepping it up.
  19. Runwildboys

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    Austin came out of nowhere. Smith has a good history in college, so I don't really see the comparison.
  20. CalPolyTechnique

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    Me too.

    I think he’s going to continue and surprise folks. He’s not just a speed guy but he also brings a level of toughness.

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