BTB Trolling the Nation Cowboys at Patriots

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by viman96, Oct 18, 2021.

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    Yea but on the flip side of that you had people in there trashing Belichick
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    Some always need to pick out something to dwell on. Like a bunch of drama queens or whiny kids.

    Jerry, Stephen, Dak, Zeke, Jerry, player X, player Y, player Z...then recycle it all.
    Dak's shoulder, Dak and Zeke and other no PS game snaps, Dak's shoulder,...oh Dak's shoulder is fine...ok, Zeke can't run, play Pollard...oh wait, what a game by Zeke....oh, hmmm....oh, MM sucks clock management, what a dumb decision (well, he has had a few) but he also had some good ones as well, but we do not hear about those.

    As I said in my one thread...on Monday one would think we were 1-5, not 5-1. And still seems that way, to me anyway.
    Maybe I should just stop looking at those type of threads. :laugh:

    I get it, there are issues, but what team does not have any issues. But our issues aren't really being thrown out there, though they should get better soon.
    I am concerned with too many wide open receivers still, and the YPC on running plays. Players not executing will lose games, as that puts coaches in a position to possibly make bad decisions at times. They have much more going on at that time then we fans do.

    We fans are sitting on a couch, in bed, on a bar stool, or whatever, with a beverage (does not matter in adult beverage or not) and a bag of chips (probably the one we could not use to trade for a player) so we can say, oh, do this...when a HC has 25 things running through his head. :muttley:
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    Exactly! But the “realists” and the Eeyores always push the narrative of snark. You and I and the countless others that try to derive enjoyment out of our Division-leading, 5-1 team is a “Rah Rah” or a misinformed Care Bear or some kind of conspiracy nutjob or someone that’s just not a serious fan.

    Keep on, keepin’ on!✊
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    These threads should be pinned! There are so many new threads after a game that these get pushed along very quickly.

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