News: BTB: Watch Tyron Smith explain technique plus Connor Williams and Paul Alexander breaking

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    The Cowboys offensive line is getting ready for the 2018 season.

    Tyron Smith is the best left tackle in football. Don’t let anybody else lie about that.

    If you somehow doubted his importance to the Cowboys entering 2017, we all learned just how valuable he is to the offensive machine. He’s one of the most important pieces.

    Tyron is an elite talent on an elite offensive line, and the Cowboys offensive line is getting coached up this week. Former NFL offensive lineman and Paul Alexander disciple Willie Anderson is working out with the group, and we’re starting to see some examples of it.

    Waning: Both these vids have some NSFW language in them.

    I love asking the greats about their sets. I love to here their mindset about their Kick set! Here is @dallascowboys great TyronSmith! #Cowboys #WillieAndersonLinemanAcademy

    — Willie Anderson (@BigWillie7179) May 17, 2018

    Willie graciously shared this video of Tyron explaining his offensive set and then performing it for him. Imagine being a pass rusher trying to go through this wall. It’s daunting to say the least.

    Earlier in the day Willie also shared a Periscope video of he, Paul Alexander, and Connor Williams breaking down film together. It’ a little hard to hear everything but it’s quite fascinating to watch.

    — Willie Anderson (@BigWillie7179) May 17, 2018

    Let’s hope that Willie Anderson keeps sharing these sorts of videos. They’re amazing.

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