Chuck Howley: The Biggest Snub in Hall-of-Fame History

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Doomsday101, Feb 10, 2021.

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    There are a few key things that stand out as to why Chuck Howley should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. First, he was so dominant in the Super Bowl that they named him the Most Valuable Player even though his team lost. It literally has never happened again.

    He was an All-Pro linebacker five times. He has as many, or more All-Pro First Team selections than 230 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (194 members have four of those or less).

    Of 37 players to win a Super Bowl MVP who are not currently active players, 22 have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Peyton Manning will soon be inducted.

    Howley was one of the best linebackers in coverage of all time, intercepting 25 passes and returning them for 399 yards and two touchdowns.

    With a long and extremely successful career with many awards and honors, such being inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor, it is actually quite amazing that he didn’t get selected to be a Hall-of-Famer.

    Chuck Howley: The Biggest Snub in Hall-of-Fame History | Fanbuzz
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    Chuck Howley belongs in the Hall of Fame. This is the next wrong to needs to be righted.
    1958 / Round: 1 / Pick: 7
    Chicago Bears (1958–1959)
    Dallas Cowboys (1961–1973)
    Career highlights and awards
    Super Bowl Champion (VI)
    Super Bowl MVP (V)
    6X Pro Bowl (1965–1969, 1971)
    5X First-team All-Pro (1966–1970)
    2nd-team All-Pro (1971)
    Sports Illustrated 1960's All-Decade Team
    Dallas Cowboys 25th Anniversary Team
    Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor
    Dallas Cowboys 60th Anniversary Team #17 All-Time
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    Totally agree. I didn't have the pleasure of watching his games as he was slightly before my time, but I have seen his highlights!! And his performance in Super Bowl V was amazing!!
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    Yep. It's crazy. If he were on the Steelers then he would have been in decades ago.
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    I had the privilege watch him. To this day he is still the only man to win MVP of a SB and be on the losing team.
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    i will never understand how this man is not in the hall already.
    2 of the best of their era....both belong in canton.
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    Howley could have been. 2-time Super Bowl MVP. You could make cash he deserved to win the award for the Miami game. I'm sure if Roger had the power he would have handed Howley the award. A second trophy probably would have been enough to get Howley in, and Roger was in regardless.

    The Hall of Fame is incomplete without Chuck Howley. The voters, past and current, ought to have enough grace to at least be ashamed.
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    Howley is definitely the Cowboys greatest snub. I keep thinking someday he’ll get the senior vote like Drew did this year. It’s never over.
  9. aria

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    Please. Howley not getting in has always pissed me off more than any other player on this team but to play the conspiracy or poor us blame game is weak.

    If Pittsburgh gets all the love then how come Lloyd or Greenwood aren’t in the HOF?

    Personally, I think Howley is better than both of them but they were no slouches. Howley not being in the HOF is inexplicable but to blame it on the uniform he wore and claim that if he played for another team then he would have been in is absurd.
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    I wasn't saying poor us, I was simply pointing out the obvious that the committee loves the 60s Packers and 70s Steelers. There's already 10 players from that Steelers team in the hall of fame. It's just facts.
  11. aria

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    So every committee since Howley has been eligible has something against the Cowboys? Do you realize how many different people have been involved in voting since then?

    Again, I agree that he is not only the biggest Cowboys snub but very possibly the biggest snub in the entire league but I don’t think it has anything to do with the uniform he wears because as I said, that would take one hell of any effort involving many different people over several decades. Unfortunately, I can’t give a good reason why he hasn’t been inducted.

    Those 70’s Steelers did win 4 Super Bowls in 6 years so I imagine there would be quite a few HOF’ers. We already have 6 from the 90’s, not including Jerruh or Jimmy.
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    I heard on one of the local radio shows that a lot of the pushback in the voting rooms for the Hall of Fame nominees from the Cowboys comes from members of the local DFW media. Apparently some of the old farts developed animosity with the players 30-40 years ago and never let go of it. I suspect that if the local talking heads oppose the old Cowboys it's pretty difficult for guys to gain any support from outsiders. If you spend any time listening to the mediots here it's pretty clear that a lot of them hate the Cowboys for whatever reason. It's an odd deal for sure.. The 70's teams that made 5 Super Bowls and 8 NFCCGs are grossly under-represented in the Hall. But it's not accurate to blame it all on outside forces. Some of DFW media simply eats its own. Maybe those old Cowboys players were massive a-holes.. or maybe North Dallas 40 was closer to the truth than some would admit. Who knows?
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    Cornell Green who played organized football for the first time with the Dallas Cowboys becoming an multiple Pro Bowler at CB and S going straight from the basketball court to NFL All Rookie Team. He then went on to be a player/scout for the Dallas Cowboys scouting his successor Cliff Harris.
    Both Howley and Green should be in the NFL HOF. Green is not even in the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor which is incredulous as Jimmy Johnson not in the Cowboys Ring of Honor.
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    The original Cowboys #54...Chuck Howley!
    He will be turning 85 in June of this year. It's sad to realize he won't ever get to see himself get inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame unless some miracle happens. It's so unfair. :(
  16. buybuydandavis

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    Faneca, who just made it this year, was the biggest snub.
    1 ring, 6 All Pro, 9 Pro Bowls

    Howley is a pretty big snub too, but maybe a few other OLBs who have also been snubbed ahead of him.
    1 ring, 5 All Pro, 6 Pro Bowls

    For old timers, Larry Grantham looks about in the same boat.
    Ware, Suggs, Von Miller, Harrison all coming up for eligibility soon at OLB.
  17. john van brocklin

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    I agree, wholeheartedly.
    Now that we have Hayes and Pearson in, we need to all start beating the drum for Howley!
  18. john van brocklin

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    Let's hope!
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  19. john van brocklin

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    Put him in. I don't want another Bob Hayes or Kenny Stabler situation where they get in after they are gone.

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