Complete offseason including a 8 starter draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Killerinstinct, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. Killerinstinct

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    First I will start off with how I see the internal moves playing out.

    F.O. caves to Dak and Amari. Both get what they want.
    Byron and Quinn are both gone.
    Flemming and Crawford take cuts to stay.
    Cobb, Looney and Lee sign 1 year deals. Each with small raises
    Dez is signed to 1 year deal near minimum with no guarantees. Competing wth Noah Brown and Cedric Wilson for the final 2 spots.
    Jarwin and A Woods sign their RFA tenders.
    Frazier re-signed for depth and special teams

    Pick 17 comes along and Kinlaw is gone but Ruggs is there. Seattle wants Ruggs to team with DK Metcalf and give Wilson another weapon. Scary, I know! They offer picks 27 and 64 for pick 17. 950 points each. Seattle has 2 2nd rd picks.

    Pick 27 Dallas selects Fulton, Diggs, CJ Henderson, or Gladney. Whichever they like best that is availabe. I will just say fulton for the exercise.

    pick 51 Dallas selects Antoine Winfield Jr SS Dugger is another option

    pick 64 Dallas selects Justin Madubike 3 tech Jordan Elliott is another option

    pick 82 Dallas selects Leki Fotu 1 tech

    pick 120 Dallas selects Kenny Willekes Edge

    pick 164 Dallas selects Jacob Breeland TE

    pick 179 Dallas selects Rodrigo Blankenship K

    pick 231 Dallas selects Braden Mann P

    Could probably trade down with that 5th rd comp before drafting Blankenship and add a pick for depth lb and special teams.

    By the end of the year Willekes beats out Armstrong and Breeland is getting the snaps on 2 TE sets.

    qb dak and rush
    rb zeke and Pollard
    wr Cooper, Gallup, Cobb, Devin Smith, Dez, Noah Brown
    T Tron, Collins, Flemming, Knight
    G Martin, Williams, Mcgovern, Redmond
    C Fred, Looney
    TE Jarwin, Breeland, Schultz

    DE Lawrence, Willekes, Armstrong, Jackson, Jelks
    3 tech Madubike, Hill, Crawford
    1 tech Fotu, A Woods
    Cb Fulton, Awuzie, Lewis, Olumbo, Goodwin or Westry
    S Winfield, Woods, Wilson, Frazier
    LB Vander Esch, Jaylon, Lee, Thomas, Gifford, Covington

    K Blankenship
    P Mann
    KR Pollard
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  2. Future

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    Yuck. Like the trade back, hate the picks. There are literally 0 improvements to the roster.
  3. Sydla

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    Every year there is a guy that makes me nauseous if we pick him.

    CJ Henderson is that guy for me.
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  4. Bigdog

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    I would take Diggs than Dugger. Love the two DT and DE picks.
  5. Killerinstinct

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    Works for me although Winfields ability to get int's is much needed.
  6. Alexander

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    First, he is a corner. Strike one.

    Not a reliable player.

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