Could Jerry have been the HC Whisperer?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by efh313, Jan 10, 2020.

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    This cane to me in light of the Jane Slater revelation of the locker room breakdown and the players going over JGs head to Jerry whenever they wanted...

    This whole time could Jerry have been the real HC whisperer? While we saw dysfunction? He saw a soft philosophical HC in Jason Garrett that if things had worked, could have gotten the job done, but knew would require HIM, Jerry Jones, being the man actually holding players accountable?

    Now the big downfall here is that Jerry himself tends to get to emotionally attached and despite “wanting” to win failed to hold the players as accountable as a GOOD GM should because Jerry is not a good GM. There are plenty of threads to explain that if you need any help with that one.

    So, now enter MM. A coach who as far as we can tell is the antithesis of Jason Garrett. A street tough, a grunt who decided he wanted to make football a part of his life and hoisted a darn Lambardi!! He promises to run this team with accountability to keep these guys in line in a way that Jerry knows that he has not had a coach doing for the last 10 years and he feels more comfortable backing off on a lot of the “overseeing”.

    Just my take...
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    If this team is going to sign Dak to the Big Big...
    The HC better be the QB whisperer like he's been advertised with his QB Academy.

    Otherwise who cares what Jerry does as long as he's not holding the agenda back like he was clearly doing last year.
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    Jerry holding players accountable by undermining his HC? Nice rationalization. :muttley:

    6 head coaches, 21 starting QBs, and 1 GM since the last Cowboys appearance in the NFCCG.
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    When there is an issue that a head coach fails to resolve or cannot resolve it then goes to the GM to resolve. I am suggesting that Jerry foresaw that Jason was going to be too soft for football players and he knew he was going to oversee more during JGs tenure. But again we were failed by the bad GM Jerry.

    Here with a coach that is a proven taskmaster, where people like Favre, and Rodgers are saying yeah he is going to bring that locker room in order. Jerry is going saying “I always wanted him to bring his own staff.” ;) (Sleazy winky right at the camera)

    And I believe that we will see him pullback a bit more with each and every success MM brings to this franchise.
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    He sold out Garrett, and Garrett taught Aikman how to not cry with multiple formations

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