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    First, why keep signing Darious if we are not going to activate him for game day. I think we need to see if he can play or not play in this league. What the point of keeping him on the practice squad and than letting him play for another team and than bringing him back. I don't see why this is the case.

    Second: We don't have any WR who can get separation and an be a reliable target for Dak. Dak is never going to be a great passer. He is a QB that needs to have players with speed and know how to get open. I think our playbook doesn't allow this kind of WR to play in our system.

    Third: Teams know what kind of offense we are. We are a offense that goes for 6 when we need 7 and goes for 10 when we need 12 or 15. Teams know this and that allows them to play us the way they do. They don't have to play us close because they know that we are not going to surprise them. We are predictable and they know it. We are going to punt on 4th and 2. Schemes are made to be changed and I don't think Garrett knows how to do this. Plus we are so over matched with our WR that it basically doesn't allow Zeke to do anything with his runs. I personally think we need a coaching change and I hope JJ starts to understand that you can't teach a different concept if you have been doing the same thing for 10 years. Players won't respond and they will know that you are changing ur philosophy and won't respect you the same way. Garrett is a back up......he never had to make decisions that changed the landscape of a game. That is why we need to get either a coach who is a little of a gunslinger...and only them will we start to impose our will on most teams. I think teams know this, but they understand that when you play the cowboys are u have to be is patient because we will lose the game at the end.

    Looks at games that we played in the last 3 years...very rarely does Garrett punish a team....he doesn't have that killer mentality of pushing the ball and scoring until u can't score no more. He tends to get off the gas and play conservative. That one thing I hated about Romo.....Romo also was very relaxed and never went for the kill. I think he liked the challenge of having a team close to see if he could salvage it at the end. We need to rethink our game and put teams away before the 4th Quarter. Jimmy Johnson was the best at this...he would literally beat you until he physically had beaten u and u would remember the next time. I remember him having Emmitt Smith in the game until the end regardless of the score..

    I hope a new Qb and an Coach are on our radar for next year....because I pretty much have given up hope for this year. Especially if we get blown out agains Jacksonville.....a team that is easily going to handle our WR!!!

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