Cowboy Fire drill. The meltdown

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Diehardblues, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Its really been entertaining watching the meltdown of fans this week after a second consecutive loss.

    It’s basically the same ones who thought we were Super Bowl bound after 3-0 with such high expectations this was finally our year to break thru.

    Now Jerry has to go into Damage Control which is almost as entertaining. And then we have to rinse and repeat the same garbage back n forth and why Jerry suks and a generation of disappointments.
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  2. T-RO

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    It would be more entertaining if it weren't so damn predictable...and never ending.
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  3. CF74

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    Garrett’s Process will fix us this time...
  4. mrmojo

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    It's a process, the FO and HC will do enough to keep fans interested and buying the product....stack average seasons upon average seasons... great marketing model if you think about it .
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    Looks for the YAWN emoticon. :popcorn:

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