Cowboys/Dak contract impasse

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    NOTE: The dollar figures in this post are pure speculation.

    Apparently, the impasse in the negotiations between the Dallas Cowboys and the negotiating team for Dak Prescott is as much about the length of the contract as it is about money. The Cowboys want a 7 year deal, which would keep Dak in Dallas through the 2026 season - matching the length of Ezekiel Elliott's current contract commitment. Dak's team wants a 4 year extension,which would keep Dak undercontract through the 2023 season.

    A 7 year deal would undoubtedly be in excess of $200M, but Dak's team of negotiators doesn't want to lock him in that long, prefering to get another bite at the negotiating apple in about 4 years, after which time starting salaries for QB's may have escalated even further.

    If the Cowboys are going to get Dak Prescott to agree to a 7 year deal, they are likely going to have to escalate his salaries in years 5-7 to the point that his team is comfortable locking him in that long. For example, if the Cowboys match the Goff or Wentz deals for the first 4 years (avg $32M), then the out years will have to average more. That may be the root of the rumors that Dak is asking for $40M. Maybe his team is asking for $40M in 2026, not a $40M average. In any case, any longer term deal will necessarily average more than either the Goff or Wentz deals. That is the price the Cowboys will have to pay to get Dak to sign a longer term deal.

    Example: If the Cowboys give Dak an average salary of $37M per season in years 5-7, and an average of $32M in years 1-4, the overall average contract value would be about $34M. Combined with his 2019 existing salary of $2M, that would make it an 8 year deal worth about $241M - an average of just over $30M per season. In the current market, that may be a bit low. An 8 year average value of $32M per season would be a 7 year, $254M extension.

    This is pure speculation, but it seems reasonable to me that Dak's negotiating team will argue that any 7 year extension must average $32M per season over the entire 8 year life of the contract - including this year. A contract could look something like this:

    7 year, $253.975M contract extension, $111.975M guaranteed, $50M signing Bonus spread out over 2019 & 2020. Dak receives a $30M signing bonus this year, and a $20M Restructure Bonus in March of 2020. (This doesn't include the $2.025M already committed to Dak for 2019. The Cowboys would also guarantee his 2019 salary, making the total guaranteed amount $114M.

    Salary Cap Impact
    2019 - $2.025M salary + $6M signing bonus (2019) = $8.025M Salary Cap hit
    2020 - $11.975M salary + $6M SB (2019) + $4M Restructure Bonus (2020) = $21.975M Salary Cap hit
    2021 - $24M SAL + $6M SB(2019) + $4M RB(2020) = $34M Salary Cap hit
    2022 - $26M SAL + $6M SB(2019) + $4M RB(2020) = $36M Salary Cap hit
    **** All Guaranteed money paid by 2022 *****
    2023 - $28M SAL + $6M SB(2019) + $4M RB(2020) = $38M Salary Cap hit
    2024 - $35M SAL + $4M RB(2020) = $39M Salary Cap hit
    2025 - $39M SAL = $39M Salary Cap hit
    2026 - $40M SAL = $40M Salary Cap hit

    Cash outlay by year for Cowboys - Actual money paid to Dak
    2019 - $32.025M = $2.025M Salary + $30M signing Bonus
    2020 - $31.975M = $11.975M Salary + $20M Restructure Option Bonus
    2021 - $24M
    2022 - $26M
    2023 - $28M
    2024 - $35M
    2025 - $39M
    2026 - $40M
    Total - $256M over 8 years = $32M per season

    This will be reported as a 7 year, $254M extension, which is an average of $36.3M per season by the math-challenged morons in the press, and the Cowboys will be accused of setting the market. Jerry and Stephen will be accused of lying. But the actual average paid per season will be $32M per year, which is less than Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger are getting.

    If Dak's performance craters, he will never see the last $142M of the contract, making this effectively a 4 year, $114M deal - an average of $28.5M per season from 2019-2022. This is just slightly more than Kirk Cousins is getting in Minnesota, who guaranteed him $28M per season. Dak is already out-performing Kirk Cousins. Dak would average $35.5M Salary over the last 4 years of his deal, which by that time may be a bargain.

    The Cowboys would have to take a $14M dead money CAP hit in 2023 if they cut him, but they'd actually save $24M on the Salary CAP. This is their out if Dak doesn't work out as a long-term solution.
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    What does imminent?

    No impasse....

    Great post sir!
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    I wouldn’t give him a contract right now anyways

    I wanna see if he can keep this up all year
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    Where did you hear 4 yrs vs 7 yrs?
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    Yet they still haven't seen the mental toughness from Dak that raises his team to a higher level when things aren't going well.
    I like Dak and think he is great, but his history shows that he plays behind the Cowboys system, not in front of it. If things go well, he's awesome. Bu th when tough times come, he hasn't shown the ability to lead.
    They should sign him- he's earned a payday. But there are still doubts as to his ability when times are tough.
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    I wonder the same. Hypothesizing?
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    Not sure what games you have been
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    OK, so it was from something you read, rather than you simply hypothesizing. Do you trust the author from which you got that (reputable source)?
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    If he can, a lot of doubters (me included) would love to see consistency in 16 games and finish at least top 10 in passing
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    Seeing as how the negotiating snafu is over the length of the contract, it actually shouldn't be too difficult to resolve.

    There could be a compromise of something like 5 or 6 years, then, they could simply adjust the money accordingly.

    To be totally honest about the years, I would think a five year deal might be more acceptable to Dak and his agent.
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    The part about Rayne Dakota not having "Mental Toughness" is one thing a lot of us critics don't agree with. We have other issues with him but toughness is certainly not one of them
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    I found the link. It is in my comment above, and here:

    Note: The example I gave above is what I would be asking for if I represented Dak Prescott. Obviously, the Cowboys are trying to get a better deal.

    A 7 year extension averaging $32M per season would be $224M. Add the $2M Dak is making this year, and that becomes a 8 year $226M deal, or $28.25M per season, which would be great for Dallas.
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    He can sign for 7 and then hold out after 4.
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    Thanks for the link. Here is the article is basing their article on.

    Charles Robinson from Yahoo! Sports is reporting based on a league source. No idea if the source or Charles is reliable.

    "But there is a rub. A league source familiar with the talks told Yahoo Sports money isn’t truly the biggest issue that slowed talks. It’s the number of years versus the money. If Dallas wants to sign Prescott to a Jared Goff-type of extension, then the franchise will have to swallow only locking up Prescott for a similar amount of time in what would basically be a near-fully guaranteed extension: four years for $134 million with $110 million guaranteed. Such a deal would allow the Cowboys to control Prescott through only the 2023 season. That means he’d be poised to hit free agency again at 31 years old, with a new collective-bargaining agreement in place and the ability to potentially set the quarterback market with a sizable amount of his prime years left."
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    if those rumors are true, im concerned with Dak still turning down this kind of money with him in a state where he has less tax, on team where he can get tons of endorsements, and he has yet to crack the top 10 let alone top 5 at his postion..

    if he FEELS hes worth new market and more then his peers who are better then him, hes hit his head too many times..

    he should sign for 30-32 then outplay that and ask for more..Hes QB , will have ton of leverage and if he proves hes outperformed this contract, jerry will give him new deal 3-4 years from now..Rwilson played a rookie deal, got paid what 22mil? outperformed that and got his new deal..thats the QB postion and hes got many contracts left VS Zeke, such a different situation..

    whats the hold up? I dont understand why he doesnt just take the latest offer and play and prove it should be ripped up in 3-4 years or less..

    BTW im not effected by the giants game one bit.. one game doesnt prove anything and shouldnt be part of why he should now get more then before game 1
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    It's like you've been asleep the past 4 seasons. Nothing you say describes the Dak Prescott that QBs for the Dallas Cowboys. Or maybe you are just unable to discern what you are seeing. No one has the same observation that you just put on record. Own it, just down believe your own BS.
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    It’ll get done. Not worried.
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    Dak's team should laugh an offer like that off the table. Those three backloaded years ... that's a joke, right?
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