Cowboys Fans aren’t the only ones who are conspiracy nuts


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This is a fair point. I think there may be more to it than we think though. The advantage vet players and well coached teams can get is huge. I'm sure part of it is style of play, as well as vet qbs ability to play the refs a little bit. I'm sure after playing for 20 years Brady knows every ref to some extent. I think a big part of it is having a coaching staff with that ability to pay attention to the fine details. I've heard multiple stories from ex patriots players who have said that Belichick goes out of his way to get his team the penalty advantage. One is example was he makes recommendations on what color gloves players need to wear week to week. Reason being if they are at home and the away team has white jerseys white gloves will let you get away with more holding calls than colored gloves that make your hand position stick out. Seems like sometimes its not who can teach their players not to commit penalties, but who can teach their teams to not get caught.
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When you're making crazy money every year, regardless of which teams make the playoffs or take home the Lombardi, there's zero reason to "fix" anything. The revenue is obviously not tied to a particular team, it's tied to the existence of the sport.

The only thing that would kill that cash cow would be to stupidly "rig" games and get caught doing it. One whistleblower becomes a hero and the league goes into disarray, along with all of the gambling money.

Fully agree. People talk about the money that they bring in why would they risk it? Losing fans in droves would be the outcome if it were fact that games were not on the up and up. Frankly those who do feel the fix is in, why do you bother to watch? I wouldn't. NFL would have more to lose than they could ever gain by games not being legit.