Signed by Cowboys Cowboys sign CB CJ Goodwin


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I'm thinking Dustin Vaughan might be available.

Well he might be. Lol.
Actually I would like to see what Mike White can do if given the chance.
We know he will not replace Dak, unless there is an injury, or in a total blowout either way.

But would be nice for some real action.
But of course or will set off a chain reaction if he completes his first pass. Lol.

Though from what I seen in PS which my opinion means nothing he needs work. But I do like his arm strength.


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Also seen where they are bringing back Jamel Showers 2.0 in Darius Jackson.
More insanity from the FO.

Get ready for the savior threads.

This guy failed here twice, flailed in Cleveland, though was injured, and failed in GB.
But yet this team Insisting they stay with him, instead of developing a player like a S, or DT, or OL.
Dang go get a QBs for the PS instead of this guy.

Not really sure, jc, but perhaps it’s because D-Jax (6’0” / 228lbs) is similar in size to both Zeke Elliott (6’0” / 228 lbs) and his backup, Rod Smith (6’3” / 235lbs), and is familiar with the Cowboys coaches, system and terminology — and he comes cheap.

Since it appears Zeke is gonna hafta be given max reps for our struggling offense to have a chance going forward, and if (God forbid) Elliott were suddenly lost for multiple games due to overuse, D-Jax might not be the worst guy to have on the practice squad.

Keep in mind, he was kept on the roster his rookie season, behind Zeke and Alfred Morris, while Darren McFadden was out on IR in 2016.
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remember when we signed Mark Sanchez and he really solved a lot of problems? yea me either.


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There were a lot of posts ragging about how Chido sucks, and you know, the typical waste stuff.

Oh, I point is why anyone thinks he sucks is beyond me. Guy looks like a future pro bowler to me.


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Invisible isn't actually bad for a CB because it means he isn't getting beat. The visible CB Sunday was Byron Jones because he was struggling to handle Hopkins.

Everyone struggles with Hopkins. Watching the highlights, i saw maybe 4 plays where Hopkins caught balls with Jones in primary coverage. I don't think he had poor coverage on any of those plays.