Signed by Cowboys Cowboys sign Stephen Paea


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Still a 4-3, that was Lovie's last season I believe.

right, that was the last year he played in a 4-3.
he did not do well in a 3-4 that washington and browns used.
he was a sought after FA after 2014 and now a cheap-get because of mis-fit in the 3-4.
assuming those years did not 'break' him, this is a good sign.
mcclay is good at this type of mis-fit signings.

cowboys did well with the williams and butler contracts as well as this signing.
the cb contract, i dont know.
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He's much better suited to play in the 4-3 than the 3-4 he played in in recent years. I'm hopeful his career sees an upward turn in Dallas.


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So, I am pretty amped up about this signing. Wanted someone like Richardson, but am happy with this. Paea only signed a one year prove it deal so hopefully now back in a 4/3 will suit him much better, and he will be playing for a future here. I would be surprised if he does not have a good year in a rotation with Thornton (who needs to step up himself). Strong as an ox, back with Maranelli where he played his best ball.
Born in New Zealand about 40 miles from where I grew up, Rugby player. So he knows how to tackle properly.
Tongan heritage. He will not be a world beater by himself, but I do see this as a smart rotation piece added to our squad. And the first Kiwi on the Cowboys so I will be paying particular interest in how he does. Go get it fella !