Cowboys TE Coach Lunda Wells on 105.3


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Here's a more accurate quote via Mark Lane:

HOW DO YOU SEE LUKE SCHOONMAKER CONTRIBUTING? – “Really excited that we got Luke. The way it fell was great. I think when you look at him, he’s a guy that we felt could do everything. He can control the C-gap in the run game. He’s well-coached. He’s real polished in the run game because of the way he was taught at Michigan, his strength, his lower body strength, his ability to fit combinations. But you don’t realize how fast the guy is. He’s a legit 4.58 guy and I think there are some things that we’re really excited about that he can bring us from a vertical standpoint of stretching the defense vertically. Like, again, it fell to where we’re really excited to get him and feel really good. I feel really good about that entire tight end room. It’s a really good tight end room. They’ve played a lot of football last year, which is great, and I think Luke just falls right in the mix with them.”


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If they drafted the kid from Florida St. at cornerback that went to the Chargers the board would have been ecstatic. The problem is we picked the wrong cornerback.
Samuel Jr - who was ranked as a better player than Joseph by just about everyone…

Those kind of picks are maddening and why I don’t praise the FO for being a great drafting team.

Sure - Schoon will likely play a lot of snaps as a rookie but big picture we likely passed on a handful of better players to take him.


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You put alot of thought into this reply
But we won't know if its a nice little story or if it really applies until we see how good the player is.
Maybe we got a 1.5 million home for 750k. Maybe we got 130K's worth when we had 750k to spend.

Would I have taken him there?
But I could've been wrong too.