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    Hey guys. I'm from north eastern Oklahoma. I'm looking to purchase tickets to one of the home games this year and was wondering where I could get the best ticket deal? I went to a game about four years ago and don't remember ticket prices being this high. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't really have a game preference, would just like to attend one of the home games this year with my fiance.
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    Well - if you have a little gambler in you.... As there are a lot of Casinos in Oklahoma....

    Try this.

    Each Cowboy home game day. Log into Stub Hub or any NFL ticket re-seller.
    Watch the ticket prices drop as game time approaches.
    Figure out what ticket area in stadium you would like to sit - so you know.

    Get some stats on the prices and time the price drops - just before game time.

    Game day - the one you want to go to. And don't make it an ultra attended Cowboy game. With the Patriots or the like.

    Drive to Cowboy stadium and park off Jerry world.
    Wait till your stats show the prices drop - as people will take a lot less as game time comes.

    Buy ticket on-line and walk into stadium as the kick off goes.

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