Cowboys Game *** Cowboys vs Falcons 1st Half game thread ***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Sep 20, 2020.

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  1. Mr_437

    Mr_437 Well-Known Member

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    Bad call
  2. USMarineVet

    USMarineVet Well-Known Member

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    Some of these helmet rules are out of control.
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  3. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    We still have stupid players.
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  4. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

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    That is such BS. They just wanna call it.
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  5. Furboy

    Furboy Well-Known Member

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    Jaylon Smith is a dummy.
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  6. Romo_To_Dez

    Romo_To_Dez Well-Known Member

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    Lots of serious injuries today.

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  7. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

    Oz-of-Cowboy-Country Well-Known Member

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    #54 sucks.
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  8. nalam

    nalam The realist

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    Come on , he was falling into the tackle
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  9. Daillest88

    Daillest88 Well-Known Member

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    Jaylon is garbage man. I don’t think he should of been flagged but he’s *******
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  10. guag

    guag Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01

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  11. RJ_MacReady

    RJ_MacReady mcompact

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    Stop leaving your feet to tackle, Faylon!
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  12. Maverick84

    Maverick84 Well-Known Member

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  13. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

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    terrible call
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  14. Tcar

    Tcar Well-Known Member

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    Defense is such a let down as usual
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  15. Keithfansince5

    Keithfansince5 Well-Known Member

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    Way to go Jaylon
  16. SeanLee50

    SeanLee50 Well-Known Member

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    Lol defense
  17. just_catch_it

    just_catch_it Well-Known Member

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    Jaylon and Dlaw overrated! Dlaw even playing
  18. ShortRound131

    ShortRound131 Well-Known Member

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    Just no awareness
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  19. kevm3

    kevm3 Well-Known Member

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    This nfl is so weak
  20. aria

    aria Well-Known Member

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    I was going to say that but couldn’t remember your stance on him
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  21. GMO415

    GMO415 Well-Known Member

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