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CowboysZone Forum Rules

Discussion in 'CZ Information Zone' started by Reality, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Reality

    Reality Admin

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    As a member of CowboysZone, you must agree to the following rules:

    #1 - You will not publicly question the actions of the staff or how this site is managed.
    #2 - You will not post obscene or non-family friendly content.
    #3 - You will not post links to obscene or non-family friendly content.
    #4 - You will not include profanity or non-family friendly language in your posts.
    #5 - You will not post racist, race-baiting or sexually insensitive discussions or comments.
    #6 - You will not post religious discussions, comments or content.
    #7 - You will not post political discussions, comments or content.
    #8 - You will not personally attack or insult other members.
    #9 - You will not troll or antagonize other members.
    #10 - You will not stalk or continuously harass other members.
    #11 - You will not advertise or promote other sites, services or products.
    #12 - You will not bump old threads for any reason.
    #13 - You will not circumvent the language filter.
    #14 - You will not repeatedly bump current threads to keep them on the front page of a forum.
    #15 - You will not use a username with offensive words, symbols or phrases.
    #16 - You will not blame anyone else for actions performed using your account.
    #17 - You will not create more than one account unless permission is granted beforehand.
    #18 - You will not intentionally post messages in the wrong forums.
    #19 - You will not post fake, false or wild rumors or news.
    #20 - You will not use misleading, fake or exclamatory titles.
    #21 - You will not post links to sites that have been filtered.
    #22 - You will not post messages that promote, condone or support any illegal activity.
    #23 - You will not post full articles from other sites without permission.
    #24 - You will not post images that contain full or near nudity.
    #25 - You will not use animated avatars or avatars larger than 20,000 bytes.
    #26 - You will not include animated images in your signatures.
    #27 - You will not have a signature larger than 500x350 or total more than 100,000 bytes.
    #28 - You will not promote any personal or non-official NFL related social networking pages or links.
    #29 - You will not spam any content on the site.
    #30 - You will not post links to content on sites that require subscriptions to access the content.

    -The Staff

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