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I will use this thread to mention the changes I have made, espeically the ones that people have asked about.

Previous Changes ..
  • Wasted space on left and right side of mobile devices, especially phones, has been removed.
  • The smilies/emojis button has been moved from the three-dots drop-down to showing for all devices including phones.
  • The repost flood timer has been reduced for some members that were experiencing 30 second wait periods.

Recent Changes ..
  • Page number buttons should show on all devices now at the top of page content and below it at the bottom. You can also click the .. [...] .. button to go directly to a page.
  • Page number buttons for up to the last 3 thread pages should show below thread titles for all devices now including phones when viewing forums.
  • Some of the clutter has been removed from the thread list page when viewing forums on phones and other mobile devices, so that page should look cleaner now.
  • The links from the old blue menu at the top of the page have been added to the new site for quick access to the same areas.
  • Improved the size of the CowboysZone logo on mobile devices.
  • Made some improvements to the header logo and blue menu bar areas for tablets and phones.
  • Added completely new chat system to site accessible by clicking "Chat" in the blue menu bar at the top of most pages.

I will continue updating this thread as more changes are made.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please use this thread ..
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