Crowder ruled out

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by viman96, Oct 19, 2018.

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  2. crashintonickdm

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    We win big or lose 13-10. Down 13-3 with 3 min left and we’ll score a pity td
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  3. SeanLee50

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    Pretty huge. He’s been consistent against us. He’s had a few mistakes that led to picks.

    No Richardson or Crowder is big. If Thompson is out, even better.
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  4. CouchCoach

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    This is not aimed at you specifically but I see this from others. Do you want to win so badly that you want starters not playing? I want to see the best players playing.
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  5. Daillest88

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    Wow this could be huge
  6. Szczepanik

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    Wouldn't matter anyways because our D is legit.
  7. Mr_437

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    Excellent, Crowder goes fed on the Boys.
  8. dwreck27

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    Just key on AP and dont let their TEs kill us
  9. Roadtrip635

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    Lots of Reed and Davis in this game.
  10. Idgit

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    Speaking for myself, if we're seeing our best against their best, great. If we've got guys out injured and are going to be at anything other than fulls strength, I'm not looking to play opponents at full strength. Make 'best team' be about the full 53, and it's fair enough. Guys like Crowder and Thompson and Frederick and Austin are out, so be it.
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  11. Rockport

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    I don’t wish injury on anyone at anytime. But I’m not going to cry if some of the next opponents are out. It’s football. We’re without one of the best centers in the NFL and have lost Austin for a few games. He’s a great decoy if nothing else.
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  12. ESisback

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    CC, I see both sides! I get what you’re saying, but when we’re missing players when we lose a game, NO ONE wants to hear our “hilarious” excuses. They just smirk at the weakass Cowboys.
  13. SeanLee50

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    If we were playing with a full deck, sure.

    But I’ll take a win. This league is week to week. I’d rather be 4-3 and in first than 3-4 in third.

    So yeah. I’d rather win and them miss a few guys, than lose every game because we want them at full strength.

    I just don’t see how them missing Crowder or Richardson has any specific ramifications on a win down the road. Everybody in the league is paid to be here.

    At the end of the day, any of us can debate it all day. Only matters what the team does! As much of an impact I wish I had from my couch lmao
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  14. DCBoysfan

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    I want to beat them at full strength....................;....;;;;;;...;;;:lmao: . I couldn’t help my self. Seriously Chris Thompson is matchup problem.
  15. jazzcat22

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    This is a cop out excuse.
    First we have injured players also.
    And you you think any Redskims players and especially fans feel that way about playing is. Hell no.

    I can guarantee over 90% of opposing fans is glad TFred is out.
    Oh they feel bad for him, but they are glad he is out.

    So this take the high road crap is a cop out.
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  16. SeanLee50

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    Been preaching this all week. He’s underrated as hell
  17. Cowboysheelsreds053

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  18. Supercowboy1986

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    I get what you mean but a win counts the same either way and if we are being realistic.. injuries are part of the game. It’s up to their coaching staff to make up for the loss of personnel by game planning accordingly.

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  19. ShiningStar

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    you play the team, not the players. we all have the same amount of players. is the game called to injury? no. Does a win matter by who was qbing the team? no, heck some memorable games have been saved by the unknown.

    you play whos in front of you, the NFL does not care about the rest.

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