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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys1fan, Sep 14, 2020.

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    D law where are you. You haven’t been much of a factor since you got paid last season. Robert quinn was the best pass rusher last year and crazy as it sounds aldon Smith looked better last night. You need to step up and lead this defense.

    Get on the phone for earl thomas, clay Matthews and a tight end like delanie walker to replace Jarwin jerrrrah
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    great post
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    I haven't been a fan of standing Lawrence up since they first mentioned it. It negates his strengths and highlights his weaknesses. He already plays with his pads too high with his hand in the dirt, so you stand him up and take away any chance to leverage before getting too high. It makes no sense. It's also much more difficult for him to use his inside move, which is the only move he has. Im not jumping off the ledge or calling for anyone to be out after one game, but Nolan needs to take a very long look at how he called the game formation-wise. We stayed with two down linemen for way too long while getting gashed up the middle. Jaylon should NEVER be in a position to read and react--get him going downhill. The injuries were tough, but last night looked a lot like a team that went into the game with the mindset of, "We don't really know what we have so let's just go play the game and find out" as opposed to really knowing and utilizing your personnel. The game plan was very suspect. It's widely known that Goff lives and dies on play-action and is easily rattled by the blitz, but the team blitzed sparingly and bit over and over on play action. Maybe the fact that the Cowboys never run play action hampers the defense in practicing against it.
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    Charles Clay is out there too. I think he might work out here in our 11 personell
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    He got paid and scammed Jerry. Classic.
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    Easily my least favorite player on the team. He is a complete hoax.
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    other than lawrence starting off the game with a penalty, he was the invisible man.
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    Lawrence, Crawford, and Jaylon Smith account for roughly $40M in salary this year. Anyone want to guess the ROI - Return on Investment?

    The ROI for those 3 was minimal to putrid last year. It would be foolish to expect any different result this year.

    Does not even matter if those 3 are active or not. Might as well give the backups a try. Might light a fire under these grossly overpaid under performers.
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