Dak and Zeke = Fun

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by LovinItAll, Jan 9, 2019.

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    I watched every game this past weekend, including the post-game interviews. Dak and Zeke, while speaking with Erin Andrews, looked like two dudes that were having the time of their lives. Sure, other players seemed happy while gaving stock responses praising their opponent, noting the tough road ahead, etc., but 214 were like kids in a candy store. Zeke's facial expressions when he joined the interview, Dak's demeanor while Zeke was delivering the 'grown *** man' line and his comments that followed, even Zeke's 'Thank you' when they were done all showed a pair of guys who have bought in 100%, are having fun, and are playing with a ton of confidence.

    I don't know how we'll fare against the Rams on Saturday night, but I'm excited about where the program is and where we're going moving forward.
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    We need to use Dak's feet this weekend against the Rams early and often, compliment with a heavy dose of Zeke.

    I propose we call it, Fun Run.
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    They'll have it beaten out of them by the press eventually. One of them will make an innocuous misstatement about something off-the-cuff, and the press will crucify them for it, and they'll learn to give stock answers like everyone else. Then the same reporters will complain about them only giving stock answers like everyone else. I wonder why.

    It's exactly what happened to Romo. Everybody gets backstabbed by the modern sports media eventually.
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