Twitter: Dak running now

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Playmaker247, Mar 2, 2021.

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    Dak went 1-3 this year. Andy Dalton went 5-5.

    Do you really want to go there and make wins a barometer on how good the QB is or are we only bringing it up when it's convenient?
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    It's definitely great to know that Dak is able to run, at this point in time! :)

    It seems he's right on track to return to as close to normal as possible. :D

    Let's see about his willingness to use a pen for signing a new contract. ;)
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    The NFL disagrees with you.. They say Dak went 2-3 and Dalton went 4-5. But yes wins are one barometer we can use when measuring QBs or any player for that matter. But it's obviously not the only one since nobody on the team plays more than 50-60% of the plays in the game. Even starters who play special teams rarely get above 60% of the minutes of the game. So it's stupid to make wins the end all and be all. I would go out on a limb and say Dak would have won all the games Dalton was able to in down the stretch when the defense was forcing 4 turnovers a game. I also would wager Dak would have at least split with the WFTs and would have boat raced the Giants in the season ender. Throw in that Dak would almost certainly have stomped the Eagles both times and destroyed the Steelers that day when they almost let Brad Gilbert beat them and you have a 10 win team DESPITE the worst defense in franchise history. No of course all this assumes Dak continued to play at the level he was playing at when he got hurt.. but barring injury to himself or to one of his key weapons I can see no real reason he would not have.. He has never had any extended slump in his career. I think he has only turnovers in more than two games in a row twice in his career. The longest stretch of poor play in his career was the 3 game debacle in 2017 and we all know why that happened. Just like we all know he is light years better than he was back then. But other than that stretch he has at least been solid in 9 out of 10 games and spectacular in about half of them. I think it's fair to say worst case scenario if Dak plays 16 games in 2020 the Cowboys end up 9-7 and win the division. The optimist in me thinks they might have pulled off a 6-7 game win streak and ended up 11-5. But we'll never know will we.
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    actually according to NFL rules, Dak went 2-3. you just can't make up your own rules because it fits your argument...

    Dak went 2-3, played against three playoff teams.

    Dalton won 3 games against 4 win teams, playing their back up QB....and he struggled to do it even then and needed defense to score for him and get 9 turnovers....played the last game of the season, against a 5 win team, with their starting QB and he choked, like he always does.

    study up on NFL rules my friend...

    Dalton sucks mightily...he is very rapidly going into obscurity.
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    Someone tweeted the stat the other day that Dak is 6-20 against teams with. +.500 records.

    If your first reaction is to say something like “wuh, wuh, our defenses sucked...the coaching let him down...he can’t do it himself” then you should understand the complete stupidity of using “QB W/L” records altogether, and won’t trot it out yourself when convenient in the future.
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    QB clearly plays a role in won\loss but QB can only do so much, he has no control over defense
    In 5 games under Dak the offense produced an avg of 32 points a game, he was avg 371 yards passing a game and was hitting 68% completion rate. all of these numbers dropped once Dak went down. Cowboys would go on to avg 21 points a game down from 32 that is a significant drop
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    Beast! Go get it Dak!
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    Nope. I had a complete ankle reconstruction with three transplanted ligaments and three screws to hold it all together.....I was two stepping at a George Straight convert 12 weeks later. Of course, my foot got so swollen that I had to cut off my kangaroo skin boot...
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    run right out of Dallas....... please
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    So if a report comes out saying something that we want to hear, it's great news. However, if that report is something that I don't want to hear, it's just a talking head spewing speculation?

    Just trying to get my facts straight for the echo chamber.
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    Thank you internet! See, this why I do have problems with the internet! How did you find that picture of me?

    I really need to lose some weight.
    Stupid internet.
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    Nope, not early...he got injured on Oct 11 I believe so we are coming up on five months. With the medical care he receives this is not unusual at all.
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    Allen Hurns was hurt in the playoffs with a similar injury and was able to workout in teams drills in June. THere is almost no worry that Prescott won't physically be ready for offseason work.
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    Thanks for the self portrait.
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    I also saw a stat that Dak has won something like 40 percent of games against teams with .500 record or playoff teams since he came into the league putting him up in the top 5 since 2016. You can’t just eliminate years to make an argument.
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    Hurns had a dislocated ankle. Dak had a broken ankle bone that was poking through his skin.
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