Video: Dak to CeeDee Touchdown


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Rayne had that fumble that cost 6 points and should have had 3 picks......and you know it. Admit it
He made a mistake on the fumble, and had at least one ball that should have been picked, although it could also be argued the one that was picked shouldn't have been - that it was a fluke.

But you can't just keep dismissing everything Dak accomplishes as luck. That's both irrational and laughable. Every QB throws balls that "could" be picked off that aren't, not just Dak. The measure is the overall results, and if they are consistently good your belief that it's all luck becomes a joke.


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Initially I thought Dak overshot him but Lamb staying clear of the DB made it on target. Just like they drew it up in the dirt.

I thought the same thing but applauded when I saw that Lamb never made the mistake of looking back and putting his hands out .. thus robbing himself of momentum and speed. He took a quick look up.. located the ball and put his head down to dig and run under it. Remember the play earlier in the game when Jones overshot Toney on a similar route but Toney put his hands up and ran about 3-4 steps that way and the ball went about a foot beyond him. If he just runs through the ball falls into the basket and he gets to see if he can outrun AB to the end zone. Which would have been fun since both are 4.3 guys..