Dak vs The Field

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by SnakeBite, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Here we are.. 8 Quarterbacks left in the tournament. Brees. Rivers. Goff. Brady. Mahomes. Foles. Luck. Prescott. Many will say Dak is playing out of his league right now. Many believe he just simply doesn't belong in this upper echelon of players. After all this is the cream of the crop. He's practically bombarded his way onto the minds of NFL insiders. As a realist football fan imo Brady is the Alpha until someone can dethrone him & until I see it again this year I'm banking he makes another run. Brees & Rivers are old heads making one last hurrah to secure their legacy and damn sure don't want the young bucks playing spoiler. Luck is finally living up to the prodigy QB so many have bestowed upon him, so he's playing with a certain chip to give credibility to all hang on's. Foles is well.... magic I just don't know how to gauge this guy..all I do know is it's special but I pray we can hopefully bring down the curtains on the show. Mahomes, Goff & Prescott are the three new pupils trying to up-end the old dogs, Does Dak belong in this conversation ?!? Who knows, of course he's limited than the others but he also has a skill set neither has. Goff is the least of my worries compared to the others, with Brady obviously the biggest threat to capturing the ever so elusive Lombardi. I like our defense against any of the ones mentioned, we will need SB caliber perfomances from the D to make it through this gauntlet. They say Defense wins championships well our D will have there time to prove that notion right.
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    That whole notion has been disproven so many times. Last year the Pats and Eagles had two of the best defenses in the league. The points were racking up like a pinball machine. IF this Cowboys team goes anywhere past where we are at, the defense will give them a shot. The offense is going have to be the one to come through.
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    Hate to say it but Dak`s 8th on that list, that is not a knock on Dak, just look at the QB`s.
    Brady, Brees, Rivers, Mahomes, Luck are clearly better than Dak.
    Foles, what can you say about him, he already won a SB and is playing good again.
    Goff and Dak are the ones at the bottom, right now I would honestly take Goff but that could very well change by saturday night.
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    Sadly your right my friend.. although I'm not like everybody else on the Mahomes train, don't get me wrong the guy looks like the second coming. but I just have to see how he reacts to his first playoff game.
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    Speaking of the field, Tom Brady is 14-0 against the remaining QBs in the AFC. That's insane.
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    Well considering QB are only on the field at the same time with each other during warm up and when the game ends I don't see this as QB vs QB. Out of all the remaining teams in the NFL post season Dallas defense ranks higher than the rest and that is who Goff will face or any other QB whom the Cowboys may face. Dak job is to lead this Cowboys offense against the opposing defense not against the other teams QB. At the end I don't care if Goff has more passing yards than Dak, all I care about is the Dallas defense limiting Goff and the Rams offense and Cowboys offense putting up points on Rams defense.
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    Dak is the worst QB left in the playoffs

    But we can still win the Superbowl with ground and pound, defense and some maybe a few miracle passes from Dak
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    Our defense will keep us in any game.

    As long as Zeke is productive we only need Dak to make a few good plays for the win.
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    We got this...

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