News: DC: Spagnola: Could It Just Be The Cowboys Got This Lucky Thing Right

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    I mean, come on, a common thief doesn’t go into a store, get caught shoplifting, is then confronted by the police – like did they get there immediately after whoever walked out of the store – conveniently not have any I.D. on him and the police then conduct a verbal identification:

    What’s your name, dude?

    Rodney Darnell Whitehead Jr.

    Really, this unknown person just happened to pick Lucky’s name out of a hat? Heck, no one around here even knew he was a Junior, let alone Rodney Darnell. OK?

    Not only that, the police say the person then gave them the address out there, date of birth and . . . and . . . the social security number that identified himself as Lucky Whitehead. Seriously, his SS#? Heck, do you guys even know your spouse’s SS#?

    Somethin’ smells rotten in Prince William. Just sayin’.

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    So Lucky......

    Was or maybe was a Lying Lucky.
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    Lucky said he was not in Virginia.
    That's easy to verify.
    He was let go for other reasons.
    Mainly they don't like him and switzer
    Is Taking his spot.
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