News: Debating Redball: Is Jason Garrett good for the Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by CCBoy, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Debating Redball: Is Jason Garrett good for the Cowboys?

    ...Those who want to see Garrett gone feel he is a mediocre coach who does not have the ability to win in the playoffs. He has not been able to string together successful regular seasons, and has had quick exits from the postseason the two times the Cowboys got there. His lack of playoff appearances and success in a seven year tenure is just not good enough in a league where Doug Pederson only needed two years to get the Philadelphia Eagles their first Lombardi Trophy. (Pardon while I go soak my fingers in bleach after typing that last sentence.) He has a conservative, predictable, and even stodgy approach to things. There is still a residual anger over how the transition from Tony Romo to Dak Prescott played out. And of course he claps all the time. Dallas needs to cut him and the coordinators loose and find a new coach to make things better.

    The counterargument goes that he has shown in those two successful seasons that he has the ability to win, and the job in 2016 was remarkable as the team found incredible success with a fourth-round draft pick until they ran into nemesis Aaron Rodgers. He is one of the few coaches who seems to be able to function effectively under Jones, who certainly is not going anywhere as long as he is able to go to work. The team has shown increasing aggressiveness, such as going for it on fourth down more. Playcalling was a big downfall of the team in 2017, but that is more on Scott Linehan, and the word is that the team is seriously rethinking much of that in the campaign to make things more “Dak-friendly”. Switching coaches often winds up being a step back, and is a big gamble for any team...
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    I hope we sign Sean Payton or Bilichik in 019
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    good as diarrhea for cleaning you out.. so yes
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    JG is the right coach for the Cowboys as it pertains to dealing with Jerry but as a coach i think he has run his course and can't get anymore out of this team ( a change of scenery would probably do JG wonders at this point of his carreer). It is time for a change and i say this as someone who was always a supporter of JG, the problem is who can we bring in who is able to deal with Jerry?

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    Garrett is good for the CBoys at clapping, that we know.
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    jerry has already made his choice for 2018 so its going to be pretty much another wasted year he should of been fired after the 2015 season
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    Yes, I agree lol.

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