Devin Smith gone from feeling low to going Deep again

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by davidariust24, Sep 18, 2019.

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    I'm proud of Devin Smith. He could have given up after the two ACL years in the same leg. He was a high second round pick (#37). That's barely out of the first round. He had high expectations in New York for the Jets. After his ACL injuries he was labeled a bust as you can imagine.

    He was great at Ohio St. He was scoring all the time in college. He was supposed to be the next DeSean Jackson. The ultimate deep threat. He has more size than Jackson so I think he can do a little more. Its exciting to have a player like him possibly reach his potential with your team after someone gave up on him. He looks like he can be a very good complimentary receiver.

    Our receiving core is stacked if you use the draft pedigree. . Amari and Austin are 1st rounders. Cobb and Smith are 2nd rounders. Gallup is a third rounder but he and Wilson were like the two most productive receivers in division one football their last seasons. I think Gallup was number one and Wilson was number two.

    I'm very happy to have Smith and hopefully he will stay healthy because if he does there is no doubt he will make an impact
  2. Ranching

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    Just play football!! No time for feel good stories right now.....
  3. gp_cowpolk

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    This dude was a nice pick up. The F.O. and coaching staff are killing it with personnel acquisitions. I give them a get out of jail card for the Taco dilemma.
  5. stasheroo

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    I agree, I'm happy for him and happy for us. I'm hoping that perhaps he might be the universe's 'give-back' to us for losing Jimmy Smith all those years ago.
  6. rocyaice

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    Huh? Man let him enjoy this. That’s what this is all about. Enjoying this run.
  7. Ranching

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    He needs to focus if he wants it to last. Plenty of time to enjoy it after a good run of games and not just a one hit wonder.
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    "Success is not the absence of failure, it's the persistence through failure".....Aisha Tyler

    It's your time Devin, make the most of it.
    A tip of the cap to the front office for due diligence.
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    Devin's a happy man, no doubt. I'm happy for him and would love to see him find a renewal of his mojo with the Cowboys. He'll be charged with making up for Gallop's absence and that's a challenge in itself. Here's hoping he'll be successful in that effort. I'm 100% sure the team feels likewise and is glad to have him. He's been a Godsend for them so far! Great to see this team enjoying a spell of good fortune for a change!
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  10. AmariChill

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    Agreed. I have a good feeling for Smith, Gallup, Cobb, and Coop. This is going to be a good WR core. He seems like he's happy he's getting his mojo and deserved attention back.
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  11. Hardline

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    Only two Games in. What run?
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  12. ItzKelz

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    In hindsight getting hurt and ending up with the Cowboys may have been the best thing that happen to his NFL career.....much like Jaylon
  13. ColoradoCowboy

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    Was thinking the same, except that Devin would need to play like a #1 receiver for several years first.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    Loved this signing. Obviously it has really paid off the Cowboys.

    Report: Cowboys sign promising WR Devin Smith to futures deal

    By SAM QUINN Jan 19, 12:33 AM

    The Dallas Cowboys are having a very busy day. The biggest move was, obviously, the decision to fire offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, but they aren't focused solely on the coaching staff right now. They are also making a move on their roster. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Cowboys have signed wide receiver Devin Smith to a futures deal.

    Smith was a superstar at Ohio State, serving as the deep threat for their 2014 national championship team. He averaged a staggering 28.2 yards per season in his final year as a Buckeye, hauling in 12 touchdowns and serving as an indispensable weapon for new quarterback Cardale Jones, who took over after injuries to Braxton Miller and J.T. Barrett in leading Ohio State to a championship that season.

    He was so impressive during that title run that he was selected in the second round by the New York Jets. The former No. 37 overall pick struggled to stay healthy, however, and never contributed to the Jets in a serious way because of it. He tore his ACL twice in three seasons with the Jets, once as a rookie in 2015 and then again in 2017. They waived him before the 2018 season began, and he chose not to sign with a new team likely for the sake of focusing on his rehab. He caught only 10 passes for 135 yards and a score in his time in New York.
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  15. rocyaice

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    How is he not focus? He’s not capable of focusing and enjoying this run? Come on man......
  16. rocyaice

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    You know this playoff run we are on?
  17. zrinkill

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    As long as he is not feeling high like Gregory
  18. Ranching

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    Ok....have fun Devin!
  19. rocyaice

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    There you go. That's more like it. I think he can handle a little fun and still produce. He'll be alright.

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