DirecTV and Sunday Ticket

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Beaker42, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Beaker42

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    I’ve had DirecTV since Feb of ‘99. I get my locals thru them and haven’t had The CW (don’t care) or FOX (DO CARE) since about June 1. I also didn’t have 3 (CBS) or 49 for 6 weeks either but they’re on now.

    I called DirecTV this morning to drop them because I told myself I was going to do so if FOX still wasn’t up by first weekend of the NFL. Their customer retention specialist gave me NFL Sunday Ticket for free and dropped my bill by $5/mo for 12 mos. I’m happy now. Go Cowboys!!!

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  2. CB61

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    I just got off the phone with them yesterday got mine cut in half because of all the nexstar stations being missing which have come back online. Are those stations you're missing nexstar stations? That's how I found them and giving me a break of course I do it every year I've been with them since 1995 when they came out
  3. CB61

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    If those stations do in fact the long to nexstar you should have them back up by now of course I've had a problem with two channels they say I'm supposed to get and it's been 3 months and I still can get them and like you I don't really care about those two it's the principle
  4. StarBoyz83

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    Direct tv even has a different redzone. This is going to be weird lol
  5. Doomsday

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    Nice, glad they hook some people up. I've tried calling them a few times over the years and they usually tell me to pound sand.

    Was hoping they would lose exclusivity for the NFL games, but oh well.
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  6. WTtoolman

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    You may still not get the games on the Sunday ticket if the game is a regional game in your viewing area. I got burnt by that before when I was missing stations due to contract disputes.
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  7. Virginia-Dave

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    I had DirecTV for 12 years, and I would make that phone call every year in August. I ALWAYS got the NFL Ticket for half price or for free as a result of the call. If the person I was talking to didn't want to give me a deal, I would hang up and call back the next day.
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  8. jwooten15

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    Still no FOX though?
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  9. risco

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    You did not get it free- you probable already have choice package and above. If you do, nfl sunday ticket is included in the package.
  10. EST_1986

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    The host for Directv Redzone blows. He’s the absolute worst.
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  11. StarBoyz83

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    Ya scott Hansen is way better. This guy is meh.
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  12. Beaker42

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    No, they’re Sinclair I think.
  13. Beaker42

    Beaker42 Well-Known Member

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    Nope. Been off since eight before the Women’s World Cup. I’m beyond pissed about it. I think I’m going to call FOX corporate and suggest they make the current owner sell the license for broadcasting it.
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  14. CB61

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    Okay our nexstar stations used to be owned by them must be Sinclair is having an issue with DirecTV now? I'm going to downgrade my package next week just wait until they give me my discount for Sunday Ticket I have three Vizio TVs all with Chromecast Pluto bidu crackle and a few others I don't need all their channels anymore another good one is Tubi TV they have a lot of old movies there's so many of them I haven't seen over the years so they'll be new to me it'll take me years to catch up to them
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  15. coult44

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    This is my first year in probably 15 years that I don’t have Direct TV. Is there any way to get theTicket without ordering satellite service? Last week I found a way to stream all the games but it was kind of a pain in the butt. Does anyone get The Ticket without all the other tv channels or without the actual direct tv dish hardware? If the answer is NO to all these questions, what is the best place to stream it elsewhere? If you don’t want to say publicly, Inbox me
  16. Big_D

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    I've had it about 20 years now. The Cowboys are on TV probably 12 times out of the year, so this will be my last season with it. Time to move on. If I cared about the other games, but to keep it just for 4 or 5 Cowboy games a year, it's really not worth it.
  17. CouchCoach

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    So, I called Saturday to see how much ST is with 1/4 of the season gone and guess what? 100% full price. Not to prorate this is really stupid. I would have signed up and they'd have 200+ bucks they didn't have before instead of an unhappy customer looking at alternatives to everything they provide. I dumped ATT when they did the stadium deal and eliminated employees to cover the expense so their dbag execs could sit in their suite but had to go back because of the lack of service down here. However, I am going shopping for another cell service.

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