Divisional Round Sunday - Bills at Chiefs

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ShortRound, Jan 23, 2022.


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    No clue what Buffalo's defensive coordinator was going for there.
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  2. kuyyo_morro

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    FG range in 10secs is insane.
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  3. MountaineerCowboy

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    Allen and Mahomes are a different level than anyone else right now.
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  4. Floatyworm

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    You think???? That was so set up....:lmao:
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  5. The Quest for Six

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    team that wins the flip, wins the game?
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  6. boysfanperiod

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    Never call tails.
  7. IceStar-D7

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    Man...I feel for any of these fans routing for any of these teams today. WOW!!!!!!!! Always call HEADS!

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    Excuse me?
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  9. Diehardblues

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    Winner of this game wins it all
  10. HeavyBarrel

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    This is the greatest game I think I’ve seen in years and years
  11. IAmLegend

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    Bills defense just sold. What a choke. They’re cooked now
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  12. plasticman

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    These two QB's were the leading rushers in the entire divisional round of the playoffs, Mahomes with 69 yards and Allen with 68.

    The leading rusher for RB's in the divisional round of the playoffs this year was D'Onta Foreman of the Titans with 4 carries for 66 yards.
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  13. ryanbabs

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    Probably. All KC has to do is get a TD. May take 30 secs.
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  14. Sydla

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    It was like they were defending the sidelines.

    Why? KC had timeouts.
  15. cowboysdoomsday

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    I don't understand the defense. Just play two deep like u normally do to not give up the big play. Defense got way too conservative and made it simple pitch and catch.
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  16. boysfanperiod

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    But you can double check, Rodgers. :p
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  17. Chuck 54

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    I question it. I think the Rams can play with either of these teams. I also think the Rams and SF both have better defenses.
  18. tyke1doe

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    Kelce was wide open in the middle. Incredible.
  19. T-RO

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    This is Ali-Frazier
  20. Clove

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    When you have QBs that can run as good as they pass, you have a superior QB.
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