READ THIS ***** Do NOT post content, videos or images with offensive/obscene content! *****

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As everyone knows, at least everyone who has read the Forum Rules knows, CowboysZone is a family-friendly site and we try to keep the offensive, obscene, etc. content off the site. The internet is saturated with that type of content and it is easily and abundantly available to everyone who wants to view, read, listen, etc. to it.

As the staff, we are not prudes nor are we easily offended by that kind of content. We simply decided long ago to keep that type of content off CowboysZone because we want fans of all ages, beliefs, etc. to have a family-friendly place to keep on top of the latest Cowboys news and have a safe environment to discuss the Cowboys and other related topics.

We have had a few users forget this over the last few days and have had their accounts benched, so I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone to help avoid that from continuing to happen.

Please read content thoroughly and watch/listen to videos, audio clips, etc. before posting them or linking to them on CowboysZone. That includes highlight videos with music that contains offensive or obscene language or content as well.

Thank you!

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