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CFZ Does Sam Williams Factor Into the Competition for the 5th LB Roster Battle?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pass2Run, Jun 25, 2022.

  1. Ranching

    Ranching Well-Known Member

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    He'll be used as a pass rusher.....
  2. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    • Good question, but the answer is No.
      • No from the perspective of him playing 1 of the LB positions.
    • Note:
      • Jabril Cox was on IR in 2021.
      • They lost Neal and Bernard.
        • Jabril replaces Neal.
      • That means they only need to replace Bernard.
        • He only played a grand total of 9 snaps on defense.
    • If the question was changed to 'Will some DEs play more snaps in a 3-4 OLB type role', then the answer would be Yes.
      • Quinn often had Stand-Ups DEs drop into zone coverage, especially when Parsons was pass rushing as a LB.
        • I predicted that in the off-season he would target DEs with a little more coverage type ability.
          • i.e. Tweener DE / 3-4 OLB types.
    • Quinn also started using some 5-man DL with Parsons as the only LB and the 7th player being the Nickel DB.
      • That 5-man DL used 4 DEs and 1 DT.
      • The outside DEs were standing up and the inside DEs varied between Stand-Up & Hand-Down.
      • Even with 5 DL, Parsons often rushed from his MLB spot and some DEs dropped.
    • Despite the Stand-Up DEs likely playing more snaps with 3-4 OLB type responsibilities, they're still DEs, not off-ball LBs.
      • You've probably seen the thread about Quinn using more Cover 1 (man defense) than any other team in 2021.
      • He is unlikely to use man coverage on snaps with the 5-man DL.
        • That would matchup a DE with a TE running downfield.
        • Man coverage is a good method to envision the difference between DE/LB tweeners and true off-ball LBs.
          • The DE/LB types are unlikely to be used in man coverage; whereas, that is a basic responsibility of off-ball LBs.
    • Specific Players
      • Sam Williams played multiple roles in college.
        • 4-2-5 type DE
        • 3-4 OLB (more often the Nickel version of 3-4 which is 3-3-5).
        • 3-4 DE type alignment (DE on a 3-man DL).
      • Dante Fowler
        • Has played more seasons as a 3-4 OLB than seasons as a DE in a 4-man DL.

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  3. Pass2Run

    Pass2Run Well-Known Member

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    This is part of where I'm getting my speculation. I haven't heard Quinn talk about it. But I have heard McCarthy say that they saw similar traits to Williams as they do Parsons. So I'm assuming based off of his comments.
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  4. SFloridaCowboy

    SFloridaCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Sam Williamns is lightning in a bottle. He will make an impact as a pass rusher right away. With attention to DLAW and opposing OL looking for the Prophet Micah, Sam Williams will terrrorize opposing QB's with his blazing 4.46 speed, the fastest ever for a Cowboy defensive lineman.

    Look for an impact as big as Harvey Martin's first two years.

    And Sam will not go offsides and get late-hit penalties like Gregory did or get suspended left and right.

    Quinn will make this 2022 team better with improved DT play and lightning all year long with Lawrence, Sam W and Fowler providing DE pressure and our Superman Micah coming from every direction on obvious passing downs.

    Malik Hooker is reportedly back healthy and he was drafted so high as an elite safety. I hope this is his breakout year. His talent level at safety is the higher than any Cowboy draft pick since Roy Williams. I hope our third corner Joseph is not supended, as he has enormous glue-on coverage skills and tremendous speed.
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  5. Jarntt

    Jarntt Well-Known Member

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    My thoughts. Yes we have a problem at LB. No we aren't playing Williams there this year in a base D
  6. ghst187

    ghst187 Well-Known Member

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    whatever he’s doing is working….if we can ever plug the middle with a run stopper the d would be fully realized
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  7. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    Quinn: ...play...right/left, inside/outside, run/drop...

    Nothing to indicate LB. 'Drop' in that context means a DL dropping into coverage.
  8. TequilaCowboy

    TequilaCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Whatever they use him at LB, DE...i just need some LBs who can also stop the freaking run up the gut. Tired of seeing them get gashed for yardage like that. Everyone wants to rush the passer, make the big play.....someone needs to hang back and fill the gaps, and i don't mean 5 to 10 yards downfield.
  9. Whiskey Cowboy

    Whiskey Cowboy Well-Known Member

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    I imagine we will see big nickel more often than not. Micah, Cox, LVE, and Gifford are your two deep. Clark might play late in the season. We could see a trade or signing after training camp cuts, and ideally that would be the preferred route. Not sure if they're content with the position. To answer your question, other than 3-4 variants, I doubt we see Sam lining up much at LB.
  10. Jfconrow

    Jfconrow Well-Known Member

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    He’ll probably be a DE/OLB so I think yes but only on the outside, he’s not an ILB. The depth problem at lb is at ILb/mlb/34olb. Sam could play 34 olb but you want to blitz him so that’s really a 34 defense. Dallas needs LBs who can cover and stop the run.
  11. quickccc

    quickccc Well-Known Member

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    - I considered Sam I am, Williams as an End/Edge, .. depending upon alignment we’re using more of, .. 4-man line, then he's RDE ... or 3 man line, then he's the Leo role
    Much like a stand up 3-4 OLB...
    Name and label him as you like on the 53 man roster- but that’s our edge rusher.

    - Due to his rookie-ness and inexperience, how can we forecast what he will be this year, and in this scheme, and what his role and number of snaps-reps have to be determined ?
    He has yet to earn those minutes, rep snaps, and be graded upon what his performance gives. Whether camp, preseason, reg season.
    And from the early looks of it, vet Dorace Armstrong will get the start and the bulk of the right edge.

    - I envision Williams taking on the similar role as Randy Gregory, instead of Micah … he’ll be our new Gregory-
    and we saw RG go right DE, Leo role in the 3 man front and even moved inside as a nickel rush interior DT (ala Justin Tuck)

    - I don’t see Williams being used like Micah in Quinn’s scheme, .
    Parsons Is lined up as a LB, off line, on the line, left edge, right edge, right between gaps vs interior blockers, and
    Especially vs RBs ...which most just cannot contain him…. Just damn Too Tasmanian Devil !!

    That’s why he’s just so very difficult to block and scheme to block against. Mostly because he so damn slippery, and other part is the way Quinn continues to scheme
    and moves him around.

    - But what would really further boost Micah’s help is his supporting cast- if he has other rushers, both outside and interior – Dlaw, Williams, Gallimore, Osa, Hill and Fowler.
    We have to have other havoc creators, and that will help free up Parsons.

    - Also we need these other LBs (off ball) to become more big league factors. whether LVE, Cox…

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