Dont blame Dak

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by kuyyo_morro, May 1, 2021.

  1. kuyyo_morro

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    Dak did what is right. Rob these moronic front office. They dont invest in free agency nor do they take chances in draft.
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  2. blueblood70

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    Moronic statement!!!

    dak has like 8 PBS on offense and now paid to be elite..we picked player in FA and the draft to improve the defense and i say they did..what dak needs 22 pbs to succeed. Thats what you are really saying with your moronic statement.,.

    He cant carry a team..hmmm:rolleyes::omg::facepalm:
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  3. DFWJC

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    That’s random
  4. kskboys

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    Take chances? I don't know what in hades they were doing, but taking or not taking chances isn't in the convo!

    This draft fell as if Jerry made everyone take shots of Johnny Walker every 15 minutes!!!!
  5. Blake

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    David Letterman voice:

    @kuyyo_morro said that we should not blame Prescott for what's going on with his status and contract... And I said to myself, "No one is blaming Prescott". And he further elucidated who we should actually blame, are Dak's agents and managers. We should blame them because this is what they do. And then @kuyyo_morro pointed out, that he himself has no agent or manager. So I'm begging you ladies and gentleman, on behalf of everyone involved, Please don't blame Prescott. I know alot of you haters think Prescott pushed himself out of a job. He's not that kind of quarterback. He would never do that to himself. PLEASE!,... don't blame Prescott.
  6. nightrain

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    Dak did right. How about Jerry, did he do right?
  7. Hadenough

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    My problem with Dak is he needs to be surrounded by first round talent to be slightly better than avg. Goff or Wentz would look like Mahomes on this team. If you put Dak on the Jags this year he would look like a bust. The money he got was earned by the players around him and he is greedy SOB!
  8. Rockport

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    :lmao::lmao2:Gold, pure gold. :lmao::lmao2:

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    Off course not, why in the world would you ever blame Dak for anything?

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