Draft Like We Lost These Vets

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CF74, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. CF74

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    BPA in Any Order:

    Crawford $$$
    Dez $$$$
    Witten $$$$
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  2. waving monkey

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    I'm not in disagreement but i think they like Crawford's over all game.
    Certainly want a OT high and its a weak class i've heard.
    Dez I agree not see them cutting him.
    Witten got a fresh contract look to Rico.
    OS umh maybe
    Heath he just isn't a starter but his good in some specialties.
    Jones is his contract up?
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  3. John813

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    Jones is in his third year so he has 1 year left with a possibility of a 5th year option. The Front office will have to decide this offseason if they want to extend that 5th year option.
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  4. JeffInDC

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    With this in mind, I give you:

    1. Ro Smith, OLB - UGA
    2. Lowell Lotulelei, NT/1T - Utah
    3. Michael Gallup, WR - CSU
    4. Troy Fumagalli, TE - Wisconsin
    4c. Tyrell Crosby, OT - Oregon
    4c. Darius Phillips, CB - Western Michigan
    5c. Davonte’s Harris, CB - Illinois St.
    5c. Tegrae Scales, LB - Indiana
    6. Damon Webb, S - Ohio St.
    7. Justin Lawler, DE - SMU
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