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    This mock is from the Fanspeak On the Clock simulator using the NFL Big Board Aggregate setting. The Cowboys have shown some level of interest in all but one of the players picked. Irving and Gregory are gone and to get good defensive lineman I've learned you need to grab them early so that's what the first two picks were. I look at our RB depth and all I can think of is if Zeke gets hurt we're in trouble so it was hard not to take David Montgomery at 58.

    58: R2P26 DL Charles Omenihu Texas I saw one report that we've met with him twice. Willis was also an option with this pick.
    • Above-average play strength should translate into NFL improvement vs
    • the run
    • Explodes with some twitch out of his stance
    • Usually one of the first defenders off the ball and up the field

    90: R3P26 DL Khalen Saunders Western Illinois Possible 3T from a smaller school
    • Able to split double teams when he's allowed to work the A-gap
    • Slap-swim is go-to as quick-win move off the snap
    • Better athletic ability than expected with tight-quarter twitch

    128: R4P26 S Mike Edwards Kentucky You can't have everything and going after the D Lineman with the first two picks precluded us from getting one of the top tier safeties. I haven't seen any reports of the Cowboys meeting with Edwards but in the Kentucky games I've watched he looks like a football player.
    • Long with above-average athletic talent
    • Loose in his lower half and moves like a big cornerback
    • Ball-hawking mentality
    • Has 14 passes defended including three interceptions in 2018
    • Good anticipation and reaction speed to range over top
    • Springy, above the rim leaper
    • Size and cover talent to handle man coverage
    • Flashes tremendous instincts and route anticipation
    • Smooth transitions and change of direction
    • Plus burst to close and contest
    • Flies up and slams into receivers to jar catch free

    136: R4P34 RB Trayveon Williams Texas A&M After the fourth round the running backs are a mixed bag so I took Williams with this pick.
    • Football character flies off-the-charts
    • Outspoken alpha who set the tone for the team
    • Raved about inside the program
    • Added weight in 2018 off-season to shoulder heavy workload
    • Coaches say he got stronger physically and mentally as season wore on
    • Transitioned effectively into pro-style rushing attack
    • Calm runner who stays in his shoes
    • Good stutter-go to freeze tackler and open perimeter
    • Tacklers had a hard time finishing him in space
    • Changes direction of the run without gearing down
    • Handled every-down duties and is a fighter in pass protection
    • Proved to be reliable pass catcher no matter the route

    165: R5P27 WR Stanley Morgan Nebraska Sometimes on the simulator Morgan is there at this pick and sometimes he's already been picked. Another option at this pick would be Hunter Renfrow from Clemson who also is an excellent route runner with very good hands.
    • No hesitation attacking over the middle
    • Excellent catch focus inside congested areas
    • Above-average ball skills and body control
    • Climbs ladder to pluck it at the high-point
    • Impressive ability to rescue low throws

    241: R7P27 OLB/Edge Sione Takitaki BYU One thing I've noticed after several runs on the simulator is a lot of players that could make the team have fallen to round seven. I wouldn't be adverse to trading back in one of the earlier rounds to pick up some extra late round picks.
    • Matured from self-described "knucklehead" to team captain
    • Averaged almost 100 tackles, four sacks and 11.5 TFLs since 2017
    • Plays every play like it could be his last
    • Pursuit bursts with energy
    • Usually plays with a proactive demeanor vs run
    • Leveled up as block-slipper this season
    • Once he hits the gas, he's all in
    • Plays faster than timed speed
    • Short-area burst rushes him into place
    • Good reaction quickness to tackle from zone
    • Ready-made demeanor for special teams
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    Dane Brugler and Bryan Broaddus have Omenihu in the 4th. I would be ok with him at the bottoms of 3. I’ve got my eye on Zach Allen at 58.
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    Thanks for writing that up.
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    Neither of those guys much for me at 58. Both are tweeners.

    3rd/4th round options IMO.
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    The draft simulator is just an estimate of what teams might do but he never lasts to the third and sometimes he's gone by 58. I wouldn't mind Willis at 58 and he was an option too. Zach Allen is rarely there at 58.
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    I don’t see the Trayvon Williams love on this board. I hope they take so many othe backs than him.

    Rather have James Williams WSU
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    Everyone looks good in their highlights but I thought he looks like a pretty good player.

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    What about Zac Allen Boston College. YouTube bloggers think he could be the pick in round two. He has a serious motor. Keep in eye on him.
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    If he's there I would take a hard look at him, in this simulation he was gone in round 1.
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    Love BC players. Always seem to be high motor, RKG. Sign me up
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    Dam, Dam, Dam. He might be this years LVE.
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    Draft S Thornhill at 58 and flip DL Omenihu to 128 and I’m all in.
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