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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Nerm222, Aug 11, 2019.

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    During the offseason, I tend to get bored and look at things like career stats and accomplishments for various players nearing retirement. When looking at Eli's stats, I noticed that he is only 2 wins above .500 for his career. So, I was wondering what the odds were that Eli might fall below .500 for his career before retiring. I find it interesting to think of various prop bets for things like this. So, I thought I would ask everyone else what they thought. If you had to bet that Eli would finish with a lifetime regular season winning record, loosing record, or.500 record... Which would you bet on.

    The fact that Jones could take over for him this year is a variable that makes it more interesting to me. For example, if Eli lost the job to him, or was injured this preseason, Eli would likely finish with a winning record. Also, you kind of have to guess how many losses it would take before Eli would be replaced, if the Giants end up with a lost season. If The Giants and Eli duplicate last season, he would fall below .500.

    Looking at the beginning of this season, the opener against Dallas may be key. If he wins, that will put him 3 games above .500 (with Buffalo and Tampa coming up next for him). I think that would give him enough leeway to finish above .500, even if he is replaced later in the season.

    I realize this is kind of an obscure question, but what do people think? Above, below, or at.500 for his career (assuming this is his final season)?
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    If he plays most of the year I think he'll probably finish below .500. Eli as a whole has been a mediocre QB who has 2 SB MVP seasons. Hasn't been a solid QB in years.
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    If this is final year than likely below. Even if they are better than last year, they are in a division with two teams capable of winning 12+ games. Thats likely 3 losses at least right there. And I dont see them improving over last year
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    He's something like 8 or 9 losses from setting the all time record for most losses. That would be a shame!! :laugh:
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    It's sad that his 2 Super Bowl runs came directly at our expense and if we only took care of business, he'd be a nobody. If only Miles Austin does not lose the ball in the lights in 2011, we bury them that night most likely. And we get another chance at them to end the year and we crap the bed. And 2007 we laid an egg in the divisional round. He played WAYYY above his usual self in those runs, just like Flacco did in 2012. But he did make the passes he needed to and also had some fortunate plays go his way.

    I am not really sure what to make of his career. He has as many rings and his infinitely more talented brother. And as many as Rodgers and Brees combined, 2 guys many fawn over.
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    Eli is a legit NFL QB, big guy big arm and willing to take big hits to make the throws. He’s been really a tier 2 guy. I’ve never cared much for him as his been inaccurate and slow to process reads his whole career. The Giants did well to cover him with a defense for much of his career.
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    Eli was always an enigma. I've never seen a guy veer between "colossal moron" and "unstoppable force" like that for an entire career, from the beginning to the end.

    The contrast with Peyton is alarming: Peyton was consistently fantastic almost all the time, but he was incredibly prone to choking away playoff games. Eli was inconsistent as hell most of the time, but played fantastic in both of his Super Bowl runs. I mean, look at this:

    Eli Manning's 2 Super Bowl winning playoff series: 15 touchdowns 2 interceptions
    Peyton Manning's 2 Super Bowl winning playoff series: 5 touchdowns 8 interceptions

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    This should give you the realization that Super Bowls are a team accomplishment, not an individual award.

    Once you realize that, Eli falls wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the list.
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    IMHO, Eli got his SB rings because of a miraculous catch and a very good defense. His career W-L record is 117-115. While he does have 2 rings, I don't think he'll make it to Canton. Jim Plunkett, former Raiders QB, has 2 rings and he's not in Canton.
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    Plunkett's stats:

    164 touchdowns, 198 interceptions and 25,882 yards

    Manning's stats:

    360 touchdowns, 239 interceptions and 55,981 yards

    That is a bad comparison, Eli will make it in
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    With 41 more INTs, it will take a while.
  12. CowboysRock1980

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    I do agree with that, I think he will go in after 5 years or more
  13. sean10mm

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    You can't just compare raw stats across eras like that. The game was completely different. Teams didn't throw nearly as much as they do now and everyone got picked off at a much higher rate on average, including guys in the Hall of Fame.

    Adjusting for era, they're almost exactly the same guy in terms of how they ranked against their peers playing in the same era.
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    compare elis first 8 years to andy daltons 8 seasons... they are basically the same player
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    Fixed it.

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    It's only bad because Jim Plunkett played for a lot of very bad teams, before he got into a better situation with the Raiders. Eli has a little better arm then Plunkett, Plunkett was probably more mobile but other then that, they are pretty good comparison IMO.

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