News: ESPN: Suspension also would cost Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott financially

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by NewsBot, Jul 19, 2017.

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    Jesus, they made an article on ESPN about the downsides of Zeke being suspended. Why not just write an article on how to ruin a guys career, even though he has not done anything illegal yet.
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    Duh! Doesn't financial loss accompany suspension?
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    This is eerily familiar to that situation with the Dez and the supposed tape. ESPN and other sports media strung that story out all off-season despite it having no substance. But at the end of the day its on guys like Dez and Zeke to keep out of these situations because they will absolutely not get the benefit of the doubt or even treated fairly in the eyes of the media, NFL and other social media justice warriors.
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    Wait, losing game checks means losing money financially? Holy Obvious Conclusion Batman!!

    This witchunt against this young man is pathetic. To the point where even speeding tickets is some big news. It's a joke. This Jaguars player who got out a car and beat some man barely recorded a blip on the radar today.

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