READ THIS *** FINAL WARNING! *** No more political, PROTEST, etc. posts are allowed on CowboysZone ***

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Most of you know that CowboysZone has for years had rules in place to prevent the posting of political, religious, etc. comments on the site. We did not do this because we disagreed with any side as the staff has always been diverse when it comes to political and religious leanings. We made these rules because we wanted to keep the nastiness that accompanies those discussions, debates, arguments and insults everywhere else on the internet from infecting this site.

If you post political, religious, protest, etc. posts or even use innuendo or references related to politics, you can expect to have your accounts benched.

Despite countless posts, warnings, etc., some users are still making these kinds of posts and accounts have already been suspended over violations of this policy!

Not open for further replies.