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Hi there,
New member, looking for expert advice from experienced sports fans. Visiting from abroad and going to the game tomorrow, which will be my first game at AT&T. However I didnt do my best research, so I am staying in downtown Dallas.
I understand that there aint no public transportation to the Stadium, so what would be the best/cheapest solution? What do most fans travelling from Dallas do?
Thinking of taking the Blue Line to Centrepoint and possibly Lyft from there, what do you guys think? How about the best solution for the return, and what costs should one expect?
Do people share Lyft rides to save money?
Maybe someone driving would like to assist for a some gas donation? ;)
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Sorry did not see this until today.
Hope you found an easy way to the stadium.
Easiest way was probably Lyft or Uber from downtown Dallas. There was the Sri-Rail also, but you still would have need a Lyft from the station.

You would have got better results if you posted this in the fan zone at first.

And :welcome:to the CZ.