Fix the defense, tweak the offense and overall ST's

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboyny, Jan 1, 2020.

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    I know some of you guys are so filled with hate that all you can do is blame Dak for everything. But the truth is that the offense overall was incredible. Do yourself a favor and read a little. Here is a snippet from an article on just how good the offense was.

    All of these are questions that we’ll seemingly never get an answer to, but one thing we do know for sure is that Kellen Moore was brilliant in his first year as an offensive coordinator.

    Fans may look at the Cowboys’ 8-8 record and lack of a postseason appearance, as well as weighing their heavy desire to move on from the Garrett era, and think it a good idea to entirely clean house, including Moore. But a closer look reveals that Moore and his offense delivered the goods despite having all the odds stacked against them.

    We’ve already heard the stats that make Moore look good: first in total yards, second in passing, fifth in rushing, and sixth in scoring. They also finished tied for second in third-down conversion rates. Their offensive nucleus of Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, and Michael Gallup all had great statistical years. The offense ranked second in total offensive efficiency, or DVOA, while ranking third in rushing efficiency and fifth in passing efficiency.

    Those are all great stats, and in most cases that’d be enough for an offensive coordinator to start getting head coach interviews around the league. But when your team fails to make the playoffs, you start to ask if those are empty numbers and who’s really to blame. Upon further review, Moore is not the one to blame.

    And none of this is to say that a few better performances from Dak or the offense couldn't have gave us another win or two. Article goes into detail about exactly what I said. Defense and special teams putting the offense it very difficult situations all year long.

    The offense was routinely set up to fail by their defense and special teams, yet they still succeeded

    Here’s the part that makes all of this absolutely insane: the Cowboys consistently were given terrible starting field position and still had all the success described above. Starting field position is an underrated but vital part of a team’s success.

    For example, the 2018 Bears went 12-4 and had head coach Matt Nagy looking like the next McVay. But in reality, his offense only ranked 20th in offensive DVOA that year and 14th in drive success rate. However, the Bears defense led the league in takeaways and as a result they had the sixth best average starting field position that year. This year, the Bears defense regressed towards the mean and Chicago had the 16th best starting field position, and missed the playoffs as a result.

    For Dallas, the story was somewhat similar, though with different causes. Only five teams had less takeaways than the Cowboys, and their special teams unit was dismal: Chris Jones was dead last in the league in yards per punt and they finished 30th in DVOA, enjoying a nice upswing after Kai Forbath’s solid play was added to the team. That’s right, Forbath was so good that he improved their special teams all the way to third worst in the league. When he was signed, they were dead last.

    Between this special teams horror show and the lack of defensive takeaways, Dallas had the third worst average starting field position. Their average drive started at the 26-yard line, which is only slightly better than a touchback. This means the Cowboys offense more often than not was asked to drive 70-80 yards each possession in order to score a touchdown. Very few offenses can overcome that.

    Yet Moore’s group did. They averaged 39.99 yards per drive, second only to the Ravens, and had the fourth most points per drive. The odds were continually stacked against this unit, often by their own teammates and coaches, and yet they consistently delivered. Seeing this from any offensive coordinator is impressive, but from someone who’s never called plays before? That’s truly incredible.

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    I don't need to read Blogging the Boys to tell me the offense improved. I saw it, they did improve.

    My point is when it mattered, they came up small.

    Your trying to quantify that the defense and special teams didn't do their job. Over the course of a season in certain situations this would be correct. But there were too many times where the offense disappeared for quarters on end. That's not on the defense or special teams. In a previous post I said how in the Buffalo game they went 51 minutes between scores. It's a 60 minute game.

    Look at the losses and you will see that the offense disappeared for large stretches of games. That inconsistency in the games that mattered is what doomed Dallas this year, not the defense. For as great as your saying the offense was, they could not be trusted in the biggest moments of the season.

    Here's proof, in the games against top opponents this year, name a moment they came up big. There wasn't any, that's the proof. Imagine going through a whole season and not having one defining moment for the offense.
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    Educate yourself and actually read the whole article.

    If all you came away with was the fact that the offense improved, then you missed the boat.
    Talks about how bad the defense and special teams were and what that did to the offense. But you probably don't want to hear that as it flies in the face of your entire theory that the #1 offense in football was the problem. LOL
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    I asked you to show proof of when the #1 offense had a defining moment in the 8 losses Dallas suffered this year and you reply by pointing to an article on BTB.

    I used to enjoy the articles on BTBs, but they have become more fluff pieces that should be on The writer starts with the premise how great the Dallas offense is and writes an article cherry picking points to prove this.

    My question to the writer would be go back to the 8 losses and try writing the same story. He wouldn't be able to write that story in the same way you cannot come up with the defining moment of our #1 offense in the 8 Dallas losses.

    Once again when the games mattered the Dallas offense underachieved more than the defense and had a bigger direct correlation to the losses. That is a fact that no article can explain away.
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    Defining moment? Lol

    what defining moment did the defense have?

    in a horror show of a season like this all we are left with are facts. Stats show a much different picture than you paint. I would say that those that are paid to know agree with me. But you can think whatever you want.

    feel free to show me an article pointing at the offense as the weaker side of the team.
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    Oh, how cliché.
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    If not for the offense we could be looking at the #1 or #2 pick in the draft
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    poor inaccuratee dak. Lol

    I guess if he was accurate he could have broke the all time record for passing yards?

    our offense racked up the 5th most yards in nfl history. :clap:
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    In the losses, holding New Orleans on the road to no touchdowns for the first and only time in the Brees/Payton era.

    Holding New England to 3 points in a game where the offense and special teams gave up 10 points on turnovers.

    In the Philadelphia game holding them to 10 points for most of the game hoping the offense would get it together. Kept Dallas in the game till the end, but as we know the offense didn't come through. The recurring problem of the season.

    That is three right there, where is the offense's one? Just one.

    You can't because there weren't any. Give me all the stats you want, when a play needed to be made they failed on every instance. Think about that. They failed every time. But who cares when they are the #1 offense. We are so great.

    I rather not be #1 in total offense and instead have made a first down against Minnesota when the game was on the line. Not looked inept against New Orleans, New York, New England, Buffalo, and Philadelphia for huge portions of those games. I just pointed out 5 games, or basically 1/3 of the year where the offense SUCKED.. But we have the #1 offense in the NFL, hooray!!!
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    They were 6th in the NFL in scoring. They needed to be better in the red zone at times but not sure the offense is the biggest issue on this team

    On the flip side, special teams were arguably the worst in the NFL and the defense didn't get enough turnovers.
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    We need a lot of help
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    LOL...…… the defense showed up for two games, one against a bad offense in NE.

    And the offense led the NFL in offense and was #5 in yards in NFL history?

    Barking up the wrong tree buddy.
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    The defense showed up in the games that mattered and the offense didn't. That's the point. That's what made the offense more responsible for the underachieving season.

    Once again you continue with your meaningless stats, but the facts are when the games mattered most the offense underperformed or was nonexistent. FACT, FACT, FACT!!!

    You say New England has a bad offense, but the Dallas offense was worse that day. Over the course of the season Dallas was better on offense, but not on that day. Once again, that's the point. When it mattered most the Dallas offense was terrible and unreliable.

    I'm still waiting for you to tell me when the offense showed up in the 8 losses. I gave you 3 examples of the defense. The offense WAS #1 in the NFL, you can do it.
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    I'll bail you out since all you could repeat is "#1 offense". I looked statistically at the 8 wins and the 8 losses.

    The numbers are close except in one area, the running game.

    In the wins the offense averaged 182 yards a game. In the losses 87 yards a game. A huge difference of 95 yards a game. This was the biggest reason for the offense failing.

    The second area was turnovers. In wins Dallas turned it over 7 times, in losses 11 times. Eight of the eleven turnovers were by Prescott.

    So in the losses Dallas couldn't run the ball and Prescott didn't protect the ball. That's why the #1 offense in the NFL failed.

    That's how you respond, with facts, not #1 offense in the NFL.
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    One last stat as to why the offense was more responsible for the underachieving season.

    Points scored in wins 37.1, in losses 17. That is a 20 point difference, 3 touchdown difference.

    The defense points allowed in wins 17, in losses 23.1. That is a 6 point difference. A 1 touchdown difference.

    Anyone can see that the 20 point dropoff is greater than 6. In losses the #1 offense was bottom of the league bad, FACT!

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