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    Every year, Football Outsiders collects draft grades from a wide range of sources and reports the consensus grade. This year, they compiled grades from 20 different sources.

    Remember, draft grades given right after the draft tell you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the actual quality of that draft. It's just for fun.

    The Cowboys were fairly near the bottom of the list, and had one of the most "polarizing drafts," meaning one of the highest standard deviations.

    Dallas Cowboys
    Standard Deviation: 0.85
    Highest Grade: A (Reuter)
    Lowest Grade: D (Fowler, Touchdown Wire)

    While discrepancies in player evaluation amongst scouts and analysts are inherent in the draft process, that is not the reason behind such a high level of polarization in the Dallas Cowboys draft class. The wide range of grades for the Cowboys draft mostly stems from how these graders weigh the litany of off-field issues attached to this crop of players. Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons was cited in a federal court lawsuit regarding the hazing of players on the Nittany Lions football team. LSU cornerback Kelvin Joseph was suspended from the 2019 Fiesta Bowl for violating team rules and eventually transferred to Kentucky. Fourth-round offensive lineman Josh Ball left Florida State after being accused of 11 different incidents of dating violence. Those who graded the Cowboys draft highly cite the crop of high-upside defensive talent added to the team. Detractors of the Dallas draft class believe that the team leveraged too much of their class on players with problematic pasts.
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    Guess they need need to regrade Tenn draft since there 4th round pick was arrested for assault in Mid April.
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    Every team has a player of two that’s been labeled a “problem child”.
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    Less than nothing.
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    This is such a lame excuse to grade the Cowboys poorly. Honestly, I really don't care. These guys are not applying for baby-sitting jobs. But let's go through the list.

    Micah Parsons was named in a civil suit for being involved in an alleged hazing incident at Penn State. He is not the main target of the suit, he is one of four players named. One of the other players is Yetur Gross-Matos who was projected as a first round pick in 2020 but was draft in the 2nd round (38) by the Carolina Panthers. I don't recall the Panthers being chastised for drafting low character players. The School denies they found any evidence of the allegations although on Penn State player was sanctioned for violating school policy. Allegations in civil suits are often more sensational because the burden of proof is lower than in a criminal trial.

    The knock on Kelvin Joseph is he was suspended for a game for violating LSU's team rules. This was a one time issue and did not involve and criminal behavior. In the meantime, Clyde Edwards-Helaire was involved in a shooting incident the same year as Joseph's rules violation and Helaire was drafted in the 1st round by the Kansas City Chiefs. Again, I don't recall much controversy over that pick.

    Finally, Josh Ball was accused of 11 incidents of dating violence by his ex-girlfriend in a complaint and restraining order request in 2018. No criminal charges were filed and Ball was never charged with any crimes. These are allegations. Even if they are true, they are 3 years old and Ball has been on good behavior since. Of course, if true, these are serious allegations and should not be glossed over. But what exactly should the penalty for his behavior be, after 3 years? Ball was kicked out of school for the incidents, and was forced to attend a junior college before Marshall University recruited him to play football there a year later. No criticism for Marshall University? Just the Cowboys for drafting him? Ball spent 2 years at Marshall without incident. My gut tells me if Ball were drafted by Green Bay, or KC, or almost any other team the media loves, his character issue would be covered very differently.

    I know some people here can't accept the Ball pick because of his behavior. I get that. But at the same time, these issue are only a big deal when it is the Dallas Cowboys involved. If I watch football to see choir boys preach I would be disgusted. But I accept there are good and bad people all throughout the NFL. The fake outrage over Dallas's draft picks does not sway me in the least.
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    So, when they add up all the Draft Grades from various sources, in composite, Dallas ends up 25th out of 32.

    Guess we'll see.

    For those poo-pooing these draft grades before the players even play an NFL down, I get it.
    But they are just pre-NFL grades on drafts based on how these services had the players rated pre-draft and also, to some degree, taking into account how they help their the teams taking them.

    Some of these folks put in a ton of work to evaluate and rank players, so it's hard to blame them for judging how teams did based on their work.....knowing that the real results come later.

    It's not crazy, unless we don't want anyone to grade or rank the players predraft at all.

    That's no fun.
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    The off the field stuff really shouldn't factor in the draft grade since it's already factored into where they were selected. Both Joseph and Ball likely would have been taken much higher if not for the off the field baggage.
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    All you have to do is revisit old articles about Cowboy draft grades to realize that these analysts don't exist for any NFL football relevance. They only exist because, at that point, fans are starving for anything football related and media analysts are simply filling a demand.
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    I'm less concerned about the off-field issues with Parsons and Ball because both stem from incidents several years ago, even thought DV is a very serious issue. Joseph's issues are much more recent, so I think it's fair to question his commitment to the sport.
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    Well, no. The argument some of the evaluators make is that the Cowboys took the player too early given the off-field risk. If Joseph would have gone 20th without any issues, the Cowboys took him 44th, but the evaluator thinks he shouldn't have gone before 100th because of the risk, he can still factor it into the draft grade.
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    Sorry but Mel Kiper, Pete Prisco, and Thor Nystrom aren't qualified to make that evaluation. I guarantee you they don't do 1/100th the due diligence these teams do in investigating these players.
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    Well, sure, I mean they're not "qualified" to evaluate the talent level of players taken in the draft either, but they put out their report cards anyway. It's not like they should take the teams' word for it in one area but not another.
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    at any time the dallas cowboys ever competed for a champion ship they always had guys that were high talent guys but had other issues i like the draft they just had

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