Game winning drives since 2016

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    Game-winning drives since 2016:
    Dak Prescott: 14
    Drew Brees: 13
    Matthew Stafford: 13
    Derek Carr: 11
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    :flagwave:GO COWBOYS:flagwave:
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    Stafford and Carr makes this list look bad.
  5. ThatJerryKid

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    is your 2019 MVP
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    Get it done through the first 3 quarters and you don’t have as many opportunities to come from behind in the 4th quarter.

    I am Excited to see the improvement in Dak under Moore/Kitna. Actually I am excited to watch this offense under the coaching changes we’ve had and getting a healthy offensive line back together(Hoping it is healthy).
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    Yeah, I never was one to get all impressed about comeback stats, makes for exciting games but in my experience sooner or later those comebacks fall short, give me the ahead all game type of games instead...

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