Garrett in trouble?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Rockport, Nov 22, 2020.

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    The New York Giants' internal discord on their coaching staff apparently extends beyond recently fired offensive line coach Marc Colombo.

    Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported the Giants could also fire offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, who is "under scrutiny" for the team's offensive struggles.

    Colombo served as an assistant under Garrett in Dallas, so there is a pretty obvious through line for potential friction. Head coach Joe Judge and Colombo reportedly clashed on offensive line techniques, leading to a heated relationship. It seems logical that Garrett would lean toward siding with Colombo, given his entire coaching career was previously spent as part of Garrett's coaching staff.

    The Giants fired Colombo during their bye week, with the relationship between the assistant and Judge becoming so toxic they had security escort Colombo out rather than have a meeting with Judge.

    The Giants are 3-7 in Judge's first season at the helm, with the former Patriots assistant being under scrutiny for his coaching style since the beginning of camp. Daniel Jones has shown little improvement in his second NFL season, struggling with turnovers while also making few big plays—a deadly combination for an offense.

    Football Outsiders ranks the Giants as a bottom-10 offense. Their defense has not fared any better.

    Most of the issues that plagued Garrett late in his Dallas tenure have followed him to New York, with the Giants lacking imaginative play calling for most of the season.
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    No spam links, bro.
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    "Site can't be reached.".......Guess Jason pulled some strings to get that evidence erased.
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    At least the Giants, unlike Jerry, are recognizing early on how bad Garrett sucks.
  5. cowboyec

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    BIG surprise.
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    That's better.

    So, does this mean we have to take him back?
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    So sucking as an offensive coordinator doesn’t give you a promotion and a 10 year Job at other places? Strange.
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    I find this whole scenario unacceptable, NY must also experience the ‘process’ just like we did!
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    What's that saying I used to have????? It's right on the tip of my tongue......hmmmmm, what was that????? Oh yeah!!!
    Garrett Sucks!!!!!
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    Who Garrett?
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    I'm no Garrett supporter, but the reason that offense struggles is the QB turns the ball over constantly.
  12. Jake

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    Giants are the hottest team in the division with their two-game winning streak.
  13. GMO415

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    And no Barkley
  14. Jason 82 Witten

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    Funny, but true
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  15. ItzKelz

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    Good to hear that other teams have coaching issues as well.

    As a Cowboys fan I hope they do fire JG. Not because I dislike him or want bad for him.....but because the Littles actually look pretty good offensively the last couple of games. I would love for Danny to have his 3rd OC in less than 3 years. That is only to the Cowboys benefit.
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    I'm not sure what anyone is supposed to do with Danny Pennies and no Saquon.

    And please don't take that as any support of Garrett (I couldn't have been happier he left), just wondering.
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    That earns you one "Atta boy"!

    Go Cowboys!
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    well Jones was never a 1st round QB, the giants reached, Barkley cant stay on the field, and it was mess before garrett got there, no surprise a first year staff will struggle to fix this in one season as much as we couldn't expect MM do also do much given all our injuries etc

    they are lacking talent all over the field. Maybe the GM should be fired LOL
  19. Blake

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    The gig is up. This will further shine a light on Jerry's "legacy" as gm.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    Life comes at you fast when you aren't in the family portrait
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