Gear review. Peavey VYPYR X1


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Gear review.

I’ve been looking for a practice amp. Something with some tone options that will allow me to
tweak the sound to match playing along with tracks to get my practice regiment back up to speed.

I picked up a peavey vypyr x1 brand new on Ebay with a discount because of the holiday.

First thing I noticed was the weight as I was expecting a lighter amp. Upon unboxing I
found the power cord is too short but it’s IEC so easily replaceable with a longer one.

I have a 90’s Washburn MG-24 pawn shop special with a maple neck that’s a decent player.

On the amp there are some factory presets that can be overridden and for intended use, they will be.

Most of the presets have the pre-gain maxed out. Why would Peavey do that?

Like all modeling amps there is a learning curve to it but the lack of cabinet simulation
makes things a bit simpler. Youtube vids help with this.

Right off the bat I setup the stomp box selection to bypass as I wanted to try the
amp simulations without cluttering up things.

Each amp setting (12 I think) have a low gain, mid gain, and high gain setting.

The mid gain “butcher” was decent with the neck/middle pup selected.

The twin clean lacks the boom on the bottom that I like.

The speaker is a “special voiced” 8” drive so it’s not moving a lot of air.

At 8 ohms I’m going to try and run it through a 12” cabinet and see what
difference makes.

This weekend if the forecast rain is correct I should get some more time
to “add” some of the built in stompbox effects.

Oh by the way delay and reverb are always available (separate edit function to control)
so if I read the chart correctly you can have one stompbox, plus delay and reverb.

Louder that you would think 20 watts would be
I like the tuner
Much better sound that an old Line 6 I have

Short power cord
Cab connection would be nice but that easy to do
Due to design you have to be right over the top of the knobs to see the settings
Amp and stompbox selection labels are kinda small and hard to read unless the room is bright.

Yea I’m old.

For the price, it won’t be hard to move if I find a better option.