Hail&Ahoy, KELLEN

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Melonfeud, Aug 4, 2019.

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    Ya know,bro? what would immortalise yer' name into the annals of legendary lore& forever folk hero worship, would be the simple fact of act,in which,when you implement that #73 ( Joe Looney) into the fullback position,for the critical must have red zone guaranteed T.D. ? Would be if , the #4 would yell out "melonfeud42" ya know? Kinda like what that dude with the gargantuan forehead who used to yell out " Omaha " ad nauseum?
    *you do that for me my brother& I'll lay my
    " FEUD 57 " offensively guaranteed games backbreaker play onto you ,no charge,,,:thumbup:
    er,,,although, it'd be best to act quickly,as I "thought" I'd saw the dark lord Bill Billichick casing my abode two nights ago around 2 am out back ,,,so,you really ought to act now,Bro!:starspin:

    * submit your envisioned thoughts of/to the best,and/or unique utilization of assets to "the mind of KELLEN MOORE" from here, as the dudes way
    too smart,to outright dismiss insightful & possibly piqued input from that A.O. of hubris
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  2. big dog cowboy

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    Go Cowboys!
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  3. RGV_C_Los

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    Yeahhh!, what he said....:thumbup:
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  5. Londonboy

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    I'm gonna hedge like Sister Sledge on a ledge and say.....ummm…..maybe:huh:
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