Have you ever had a deja-vu experience?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by MWH1967, Feb 24, 2022.

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    Déjà vu - Wikipedia
    Déjà vu is a French loanword expressing when you have done something and you experience the same feelings or the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before.

    I have a couple times in my life and it's weird and cool at the same time.

    Was on the interstate last morning and passed a car and the person waved. I've seen that random car before and the persons facial expressions were the same. Also, was listening to U2 of all things and that was the same as well.

    Just weird.o_O:laugh:

    Tell us yours....
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  2. Pompey-Cowboy

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    I feel like someone asked me this before
  3. MWH1967

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  4. DandyDon52

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    I have occasionally, but dont recall any details.
    maybe our lives are a constant loop? we die and it all starts again for us , only no memory retained, except these occasional glitches.
  5. DasTex

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    I read something like that the other day - the going towards the light is being born again.
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  6. SlammedZero

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    Funny, I just had one about 1-2 weeks ago. I was sitting at my desk in my mancave and the wife came in to ask me a question. All of sudden, everything about that moment felt familiar. From the setting of the room, to her standing there, to the dialogue, just everything. It really is an interesting and unique experience. It does present some very interesting questions about life.
  7. JoeKing

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    A "glitch" in the matrix. Yes, I have found myself in scenarios that I have sensed have happened before. It's an eery feeling.
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    I would imagine pretty much everyone has had that at one time or another.

    Also had times where someone has said a phrase that would not be a normal thing to say and thinking I had just dreamed that a few nights ago.
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  9. CouchCoach

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    And I have proof. I keep making the same mistakes in my "Just for Fun" picks.
  10. Runwildboys

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    I've had it happen a few times. Once, it was so detailed and went on so long that I actually knew exactly what my friend was going to say, word for word. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time for me to understand what was happening, and say it with him.
    It is a rather disconcerting feeling. They say it's some type of echo in your brain, and that's a pretty hard explanation to dispute, but it does feel like events are actually repeating. Of course, the events of those few milliseconds or even seconds are solitary, and without any contextual events around them, you just have to accept their explanation...Either that, or it's a momentary brainwave shift to an alternate universe.
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  11. Crazed Liotta Eyes

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    I used to have it pretty often, but it's been a while now. It is a trippy experience.
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  12. nobody

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    I've had it. It happens a few times a year to me. It's definitely strange when it happens.

    Most "experts" will tell you that since memory is so shapeable and can change any time you recall it that you dreamed something similar and as you get that feeling of deja vu the memory is called up and altered in real time to more closely match the situation. I disagree with that, but it is possible.

    Don't physicists believe that time is an illusion and past, present, and future happen simultaneously and we just experience it linearly? If that's true, that is a partial explanation since our brains are basically biological quantum computers. Every once in a while your brain breaks out of that linear jail and recalls information that to you hasn't happened yet but in reality everything happens at the same time.

    Or there's some alternate reality contact thing, or there's some universal consciousness that we tap into or due to the sheer amount of dreams we have, we're bound to occasionally get something similar or exact... The old infinite number of monkeys with and infinite number of typewriters producing the complete works of Shakespeare explanation.
  13. CouchCoach

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    Yes, it was dark but I knew I had been there before. And I spoke aloud.

    "I know this place, I've been here before and it was exactly like this".

    Then I heard a voice. A very familiar voice.

    "You're drunk. Shut up and go to bed".
  14. Reality

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    I already answered you!
  15. Rack

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    I'm tired of answering this question over and over.

    Or am I?

    Seriously though I used to have them but my memory is so bad now if I'm still having them I don't know about it.
  16. Creeper

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    I used to have those moments all the time when I was younger. But I have not had one in years. My long term memory is not very good. In fact, what was this thread about?
  17. Runwildboys

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    Same old same old.
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  18. DandyDon52

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    lol me too!
  19. timb2

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    When I was young child I had a lot of them. The one I remember the most was I was dreaming that I was walking to the school bus stop, other kids were playing soccer before the bus got there . This one blonde boy ran downhill after the ball and he fell over the ball. I remember laughing like he was a clutz. I woke up and said that was a weird dream,why did I dream that? 30 minutes later, I went walking to the school bus stop and saw this blonde boy do this and vividly the same exact angle as my dream to a tee. Soccer,downhill,and fell over the ball. Strange because that was the only time they played soccer I remembered.
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  20. NorthoftheRedRiver

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    The older you get, the more it happens. But, I just now assume that it did happen and it's way back there in my memories somewhere. Too much other important stuff to remember.

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