Heart over brain?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Kage, Mar 15, 2019.

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    I feel like this team has made a lot of moves due to liking a guy, or feeling bad for him rather than seeing what they can do to help this team.

    Keeping Sean Lee because he used to be really good for us.
    Bringing back Jason Witten because he sucked as a broadcaster.
    Signing back Allen Hurns and Tavon Austin because they are nice guys who got hurt.

    I'm sure there is some others that you guys can think of but those are ones that come to my mind.
  2. conner01

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    Lee gets backup money and is an asset to the young guys
    Witten is one of my favorite players but I wouldn’t have brought him back as a player
    I doubt liking or feeling sorry for Hurns who was here one year was a factor but they obviously thought more of him than we do
    Austin not a bad guy to bring back if it’s a good contract
    If he stays healthy he can help this team
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  3. ShiningStar

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    its about butts in the seats. anyone who goes over this roster has to asked, "how ave they not been more successful?"
  4. CowboyRoy

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    Witten and Lee reduced to 3.5 million each in salary is a complete win. That is cheap money for quality players that are also leaders and coaches on the field.

    Allen Hurns, I dont like his high salary, but the guy is a very good slot receiver. They just didnt use him last year. Like they didnt use Austin last year. Hurns and Austin should be more than capable of filling in for Beasley. NO problem. Also gives them more diversity and Austin can help in the return game. Just like with Olawalie, these are quality players that the idiots from last year just didn't use properly. Maybe we have a REAL OC this year that will use their skills. These guys can play.
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  5. ShiningStar

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    if km is creative, yes you are correct. we have to hope he is
  6. CowboyRoy

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    Sad that we have to hope he is. As if creative offense around here is a pipe dream.
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  7. Verdict

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    Yes. I'm not sure how anyone can realistically see it any different than that. A fan can't support moves like this ----which get in the way of winning -----and then complain because we aren't winning.
  8. xwalker

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    No, the Cowboys just like players that they know what to expect from in terms of both talent AND mental makeup. They've been burned on the mental makeup aspect of some free agents in the past.

    Austin - Was very good as a punt returner and can play the slot WR position.

    Hurns - They like his understanding of offensive concepts and work ethic. They knew he was not a #1 WR but was thrust into that role to start last season because they didn't get into a bidding war for a free agent WR like Sammy Watkins.

    Sean Lee is still good when healthy and his on/off health status is still about the same as always. He is also a great asset as a mentor to Vander Esch and Jaylon. Lee played a lot of snaps in the Rams game because the young LBs were getting fooled by the Rams offense.

    Witten is the only one that seems odd to me; although Garrett begged him to stay last year. I think Witten departed because he really didn't like Scott Linehan which he made clear during the Cowboys game that he covered as a commentator.

    In the past (up until about the last 5 years) the Cowboys did tend to pay for past performance; however, that's not really true anymore.
  9. CATCH17

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    2019 is already a wasted season because we’ve basically gave ourselves nothing but rookies again to improve on the previous season.
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  10. Cowfan75

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    Don't forget keeping the worst OC in football. There were probably a lot of tears shed by the Jones boys when they finally had to part ways.
    It's a "family", and if they wish hard enough, that's all they will ever need to reach a Super Bowl.
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  11. Redball Express

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    They have not been successful becuz they take on too many hopeless headcases like Hardy and Gregory and Irvin and Rolando McLean.

    They continually take on more like them in Austin, Claiborne, Carr and others who either can not stay healthy or under perform but have big contracts.

    It's a pattern of hoping they are right and depending on a core of stars to carry the load and hope the rest come along.

    Fully about 25 % of the roster is not productive and cannot contribute much.

    Special teams is a joke..we have nobody who can return a kick past 10 yards and will not make fixing it a priority.

    Jimster used to say you had to win 2/3rd of the offense, defense and special teams to succeed.

    We win on offense or fight to a stalemate, we fall behind on defense and have to mount furious 4th Qt. comebacks and our kicking game is average with no returns to speak of.

    Last year we were very lucky in the second half of the year that both the Redskins and Philly had QB problems and we caught them.

    Do not plan on that again.

    The odds are against us.

    Now what?
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  12. 75boyz

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    Really nice post and perspective.
  13. Blast From The Past

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    You have so little faith and after reading your post I do too. Time to take up tiddlywinks and cow tipping until we have a chance to not have a wasted season.
  14. OmerV

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    All of these guys except Austin, are there to be veteran depth supporting the kids ahead of them on the depth chart. A young team can use the kind of examples of hard work and dedication they will see from those guys.
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  15. BigCatMonaco

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    The previous season in which we didn’t have the best center in football and still made the it to the second round.
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  16. CT Dal Fan

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    Exactly. People are talking like this team won four games last year and has to go into a major rebuild.

    Assuming they get a deal done with DeMarcus Lawrence they have two glaring holes- safety and defensive tackle. They missed out on the shiny new (or old?) toy in Earl Thomas. So I assume the draft will hold the answer.

    As for DT, I like the Covington signing. Looks strong vs. the run and I wouldn't be surprised if they add somebody else to the mix, too.
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  17. OmerV

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    A year ago a lot of fans said 2018 was going to be a throwaway season, and it wasn’t, and the team appears to be in better shape now than then. I know it’s disappointing to not see dramatic improvement in personnel so far, but I don’t get the need to just give up. That’s not an attitude that should even be associated with athletic competition.
  18. Jake

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    Jerry the jock sniffer doesn't view players as assets. He develops personal relationships with them, clouding his judgment.

    It wouldn't be a problem if he hired someone other than his son to be GM/Director of Personnel, but that's never going to happen. It comes back to Jerry wanting to win "his way", no matter how many years it doesn't work.
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  19. Bobhaze

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    That last sentence is spot on. This organization is first and foremost a family club with sons, daughter, grandsons, and adopted sons being added. The goal is wealth with family. Winning is not about results on the field. It’s about getting to play this “game” of being a football family that will make billions of dollars regardless of the product they produce.

    They win every year at this game they have created and play within their nepotistic system. And somehow winning on the field is just a throw in. And they expect us to like it.
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