Here's what Pauline said about Tua draft status

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    IDK.....I'd strongly consider entered the draft. I'd rather spend the year on an NFL team learning than returning to college where to play maybe a few games. In fact, since I'm not being paid, I wouldn't play another down of college ball. So why return.......

    The Tony Pauline Mailbag
    Tony, how does Tua Tagovailoa’s injury affect his 2020 NFL Draft stock? Wouldn’t he be better off returning to school if he’s not QB1?

    While the initial word from his surgeon was positive, there is still so much more that needs to be played out and examined. At the same time, there is no denying the injury will have a major effect on Tagovailoa’s draft stock if he decides to enter the event.

    If Tua enters the draft, I see him being selected in the bottom third of round one. More on that later this week.

    Going back to school should be a consideration for Tagovailoa. If he’s not going to be healthy enough to play a full season in 2020, he may want to return to Alabama and play the final couple of games with the hopes he moves towards the 2021 NFL Draft with a higher grade than he may have if he enters the 2020 draft.

    Everyone wants definitive answers today. But there are just too many variables at the present time to give anything other than opinions, and they could change.
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    He's still going to be a first rounder, and honestly I'd be shocked if he fell out of the top-10 even if he misses the entire season.

    But going in the back half of the first round to a good team - Saints, Patriots, Chargers, Vikings, etc. - could be better than going to Miami or Cinci anyways.
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    If he could get to the Bears or the Colts he'd be very lucky.
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    Jeffrey Simmons was projected to be a top 5 pick before he blew his ACL. He went top 20 even though teams knew he'd miss most of his rookie year (~25% of his cheap rookie contract).

    Tua's draft stock is contingent on his medicals, but assuming there's no complications, I bet he still goes top 10. Going #1 overall isn't the cinch it was a month ago, but I think it's still a possibility. Injuries just don't scare teams the way they used to, with medicine improving and full recoveries becoming more common, and Tua is the real deal as a prospect.
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    If he is expected to make a 100% recovery, Id be surprised if he fell out of the top 5. He is a much better prospect than some of the guys that have gone in the first this. I dont think a redshirt will scare teams much. Hell Mahomes got redshirted. Do you think KC believes they got good value?
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    I’d rather go in bottom 3rd
    Better team around you
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    Tua is still coming off the board early in RD1.

    Jaylon smith barely made out of RD1 and he's only a LBer. And Dallas picked him there because they got word he was going to be picked in the next few picks.

    So if LBer who was going top 3 picks barely makes it out of RD1 no doubt a QB who is going to go #1 overall is going in the top 15 picks IMO
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