How much does MM bring to the 2020 season?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Redball Express

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    What I want to know is..

    After having read as much as I can about out new HC..

    Just exactly what should we expect from the new HC..

    We were 8-8 with Garrett in 2019.

    Are we going to be the same at 8-8?

    1 game better? 9-7?

    2 games better? 10-6?

    3 games better? 11-5?

    1 game worst? 7-9?

    2 games worst? 6-10?

    3 games worst? 5-11?

    This ought to be interesting.

    Let me know why whatever you think.

  2. Rockport

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    About 300lbs.

    Seriously, it’s too early to tell. We haven’t gone through free agency, the draft much less know who the coaching staff is.
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  3. CowboysWillRise

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    Id say 8-12 games better.
  4. garyo1954

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    Wonder no more.....

    In a five year period between 2013-2017 35 new coaches were hired.......

    • These 35 coaches went a combined 259-301 in their first season.
    • Ten of those 35 coaches had at least 10 wins in their first season. Seven had four wins or fewer.
    • The extremes were a 12-4 record on the high end and a 1-15 season on the low end.
    • Nine coaches earned playoff berths in their first full season, including three of the 2017 hires.
  5. NorTex

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    We were pretty lucky with injuries this season. Odds are we get wiped out next season by injuries and finish last in the division. Plus, I dont see us going 5-1 in the division again.

    If we manage to stay healthy I would expect at least 10 wins or I would consider BigMac to have failed miserably.
  6. Oneiros

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    I don't see any reason why we can't go 11-5 next year. I really don't.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    Garrett's mismanagement, awful special teams and completely mismanaged the Kicker.

    Those 3 things cost the Cowboys at least 2 if not 3 or 4 W's this year.

    Knowing how much better the overall staff will be next year, a 10-6 season will be disappointing.
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  8. Redball Express

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    When I grow up..

    I want to Google like you guys.


    Very interesting
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  9. khiladi

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    The big question to me, is West Coast? If so, where does that leave Moore? Are they going to franchise Dak and wait and see how he does in the WC?
  10. Redball Express

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    I'm with you on the special teams and foot dragging on the kicker.

    Just that alone would be enough to fire Garrett for me.

    It probably figured more than we think it did.

    Imagine your job is on the line and those areas of the team did that?

    And you did nothing to fix it to save your $8mil/ yr job?

    Most would think you a nutcase.

  11. jazzcat22

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    How many took over very bad teams as opposed to teams that were to be contenders?
    Most teams were very bad, therefore, resulting in less than .500 seasons.
  12. Wolfpack

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    Real coaching would have had this years team at 12-4 so I’ll go with that.

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