How much should Dak get paid now?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Willfreedom909, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Yep, that is why all the QBs that played in 2015 was soo successful...because the 2015 passing attack confirms that Dallas had a plug and play QB offense...especially in the passing game...
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    Because ... Dak could put lots of cap? Lots. What is he worth?
    On the aggregate, as to today? If he wins? If he loses.
    Wait for his worth after the Super Bowl. And dont overpay.
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    The 909 is known for its meth use... Just take that in for a moment. :cool:
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    4 boxes of chunky soup
    3 Steaks from Albertsons
    2 Ham sandwiches from 7-11
    1 Dannon yougurt
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    Would Jerry's boat count against the salary cap?
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    if he wins another game we'll talk about paying him, but until they win a superbowl everyone that is inconsistent with their play or coaching is still on notice for being replaced imho.

    i'd give him a mid range qb salary, with heavy incentives, reasoning being to keep the rest of the talent together and poising to win superbowls.
  8. Mobinvans

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    Foles won the Superbowl in a shootout with Tom Brady...he got $20 million one yr contract

    Jerry will probably give Dak $45 million yr 7 yrs
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    Business is business. I thought Dak has another year left on his contract?
  10. eastsideboy

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    Whatever's left after we pay b jones a cooper and tank.
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    Excellent, and then Dallas can resign him for the vet minimum after he gets released after 2 seasons, for "salary cap reasons".
  12. DallasEast

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    This is notably contradictory from an economics standpoint. "NFL salaries are market-driven" is true. However, what Prescott may or may not do is not necessarily dependent on how and why his contract will be constructed.

    In this instance, ''Market-driven' entails individual customer needs (e.g. franchises) and the league's overall understanding of Prescott's skills and proficieny as quarterback. If

    • Dallas' (e.g. Jerry Jones) need for a 'franchise quarterback' is high and the organization decides Prescott matches that need and it preceives other specific franchises' need at the position creates demand, contract numbers will elevate accordingly.
    • Dallas' need is high and it preceives outside demand as moderate, contract numbers will similarly deflate.
    The key here is how much is Dallas willing to pay Prescott to guarantee his continued services while countering perceived external demand. True, any contract specifics will be negotiated between both parties, Jones and Prescott/agent, but those matters are not 'market-driven' per se.
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    Our team now is built to win, don't compare to 2015. Coaching did cost us a few winnable games with the pathetic QBs we had in 2015
  14. Brax

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    $720,000 in 2019 is what he's under contract for and should receive. No reason to pay more whether or not he is the QB of the future. Pay him after next season when you have the full 4 years of evaluation. Only reason to extend him now is if it is a super team friendly contract. He hasn't won anything by himself and needs a strong supporting cast on both sides of the ball, pay the cast first and him last.
  15. Pessimist_cowboy

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    22 million a year

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